Chess tournament set to make the history books

THE Orjan Lindroth Memorial Chess Tournament is set to make history as the 1st FIDE Title Norm chess tournament to be held in The Bahamas.

The six-day tournament will take place at SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa, Nassau, The Bahamas. The tournament kicks off May 29 and culminates on June 3.

The tournament has attracted a total of 70 chess players. The number represents a mix of young and old, beginners and professionals.

Thirty-three persons will participate in the U1700 section and 37 individuals will play in the Open Section.

The players competing in the tourney represent 13 countries. This FIDE rated, Norm tournament will be a 9 round Swiss format, Game in 90 min +30 second increments per player.

The prize fund is $16,500. This exciting event will see 11 grandmasters and five international masters vie for 1st place. These high level players represent Cuba, Macedonia, Norway, Paraguay, Serbia and Spain.

Andre White will serve as chief arbiter. Elton Joseph will serve as deputy chief arbiter and Angel Pride as arbiter.

Mr White is the only Bahamian FIDE licensed international arbiter. He served as chess arbiter at the 41st Chess Olympiad (2014) in Tromso, Norway; the CAC Youth Festival (2015) in Trinidad & Tobago and the 44th Chess Olympiad (2022) in Chennai, India.

Norwegian GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen and winner of the 2022 Orjan Lindroth Memorial Chess Tournament is excited to return to The Bahamas.

“Last year I came to The Bahamas for the first time in my life. I spoke for a long time to the tournament organiser, Cecil Moncur, and he approached me with kindness and generosity,” said GM Christiansen.

He continued: “Both FM Moncur and the other people in charge of the tournament gave me a very warm welcome and treated me extraordinarily well.

“The tournament was also well-executed and extremely professional. I was positively surprised by how well it was organised, as it was their first big international event.

“Therefore, there was no tough decision to make, whether I would return this year or not. The Bahamas has come to be one of my favourite places to be. I can’t wait to arrive back!”

“The Bahamas Chess Federation welcomes participants for the 2023 Orjan Lindroth Memorial Chess Tournament to The Bahamas,” said Janelle Albury, 1st vice president in The Bahamas Chess Federation.

“Hosting this tournament, which has attracted some of the best chess professionals in the world, is a momentous occasion not only for the federation, but for The Bahamas. It is also important as this is a chance for young Bahamian chess players to get the opportunity to participate in a world-class tournament and to interact with some of the best chess players in the world.

“The sport of chess improves critical thinking, develops perseverance and offers a myriad of educational benefits and travel opportunities. This tournament will contribute to the growth of the sport in The Bahamas. We would also like to thank our generous event sponsors. Again welcome and good luck to all participants!”

Sponsors for the 2023 Orjan Lindroth Memorial Chess Tournament are Amanda Lindroth, Scotiabank, SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa, Mrs. & Mrs. Charles Stonehill and The Bahamas Chess Federation.

The 2023 Orjan Lindroth Memorial Chess Tournament will be streamed live on Chess242 YouTube channel and Twitch.

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