BTC donates $5,000 to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre Push-a-Thon


THE Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTC) donated $5,000 to the 12th edition of the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre’s (SRC) 2023 Push-A-Thon.

During a press conference held yesterday at the SRC grounds, this year’s platinum and title sponsor made the announcement to support the geriatric hospital’s annual cause.

The event is set to take place at the entrance of SRC at 6:15pm on Saturday June 3. The actual race will begin at 6:30pm following the warmups 15 minutes prior.

To coincide with the country’s 50th Independence, the theme for this year’s Push-A-Thon will be “Push on Bahamaland”.

Sameer Bhatti, CEO of BTC, talked about how important it was for the telecommunications company to be the event’s title sponsor.

“At BTC we will always come with a helping hand to support our seniors and we are happy to serve as a platinum sponsor for the 12th annual geriatric Push-A-Thon,” Bhatti said.

The CEO added that the company is always willing to support any efforts taken to ensure that our seniors in the community have ways to feel active and feel included.

After being introduced by Dr Indira Grimes 12 years ago, the initiative behind the event is to promote healthy activity for older adults in the communities and provide a positive experience for clients of the geriatric hospital.

“Our platinum sponsorship will ensure that our seniors are given the tools that are needed to maintain their independence and live longer lives,” Bhatti said.

Additionally, the proceeds of the event will go towards walking aids, proper footwear and wheelchairs.

With 140 persons already registered for the SRC Push-A-Thon, Dr Sasha Dorsette, chairman of the event, reminded the public that all ages are permitted to participate on June 3.

Participants can walk, run, skate, push or cycle. Each of these various activities will be done at staggered times on the day of the event.

The event’s route will differ for those that choose to run, and those that walk and push.

For the runners, the route will begin at the entrance of SRC and move south on Fox Hill towards Yamacraw Road. They will continue to commute on Yamacraw and make a left onto Prince Charles Dr.

The route will end with runners travelling west to the junction of Prince Charles and Fox Hill and they will stop at SRC.

For walkers and pushers, the beginning of the route is the same but they will make their turn from Yamacraw onto Commonwealth Boulevard. After turning north onto the aforementioned, they will commute through Elizabeth Estates onto Prince Charles Drive.

The group will then turn west on Prince Charles to Fox Hill Road and turn south to head back to SRC.

Interested persons can register via or in-person at the SRC.

Registration costs $15 online and payments can be made via Cash n’ go online or in-person. Persons that register on the day of the event will pay $20.

The Honourable Cynthia Mother Pratt, deputy governor general and patron of the SRC Push-A-Thon, had a strong message for Bahamians ahead of June 3.

“Sandilands and geriatrics have senior citizens here. These are the people that made us who we are, some have been forgotten now. We are saying that this Push-A-Thon is about getting involvement from the Bahamian people to show that they care about our elderly,” the deputy governor general said.

Mother Pratt noted that Bahamians were once known for being supportive and she doesn’t know what has changed.

However, on June 3 she expects Bahamians to show their care and love, and support the elderly.

She reminded the public that everyone will eventually age and become old.

Therefore, she thanked BTC for their continued support of not only the event but also the community and encouraged Bahamians to put their words into action on race day.

The SRC Push-A-Thon will be sponsored by title sponsor BTC, platinum sponsor Colina, silver sponsor Bahamas Striping, Sunshine Insurance, and Bahamas Power and Light (BPL).

Other sponsors or partners include Thompson Trading, Oaktree Medical, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Bahamas Medical and Surgical Supplies, Ports International and Custom Computers.

The SRC officials thanked all of their valued sponsors and partners and gifted BTC CEO and patron of the event with their Push-A-Thon packages. Come out and show your support.

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