Foundation to support Public Hospitals Authority created in USA and Bahamas


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A Public Hospitals Authority foundation has been established in The Bahamas, and also in the United States.

The Friends of the Public Hospitals Authority Bahamas Foundation is a non-profit foundation registered in the United States.

Chairman Andrew Edwards said that through the foundation they hope to facilitate greater partnerships with philanthropists, the business community, and civic organisations to make a difference.

He indicated that the PHA is not just seeking monetary contributions.

“We welcome and humbly request contributions of equipment, funds, medical supplies, materials, time, and resources to our hospitals in an accountable and structured manner.

“We encourage the public, business, and civic organisations in The Bahamas to reach out and be the change you want to see.”

Mr Edwards called on the Bahamian public to play their part.

“The government and the PHA cannot do it alone; we implore you to partner with us,” he said.

While in Grand Bahama at the recent groundbreaking of a new medical facility, the PHA chairman said: “Improved and new facilities are needed, but a new (Freeport) Health Campus alone will not produce the health improvements we all want and require here in Grand Bahama and throughout The Bahamas.”

He explained that the new campus allows the Public Hospitals Authority to reassess its call mandate and to affirm its policies, processes, and procedures to ensure they are delivering on its promise to provide quality care and services.

Mr Edwards assured they have been engaged in systemically addressing old issues that have plagued the Authority.

“Across the PHA we have begun the challenging work of reform and improvements. We are addressing our business model, improving, accountability across the board, addressing long outstanding HR matters and shortages, training, revamping, and increasing the number of patient advocates.”

In addition to making investments in technology, he stressed that they are reworking the way they deal with patients, as well as improving patient satisfaction and experience.

“I am proud of the work we are doing. It may not be the stuff that grabs headlines, but it is the long-lasting type of work that will result in a more culpable PHA with much-improved patient experiences and outcomes,” he said.

He said that improving patient care has become the number one priority of PHA.

“We are resolute in our quest to restore public confidence in our public hospitals and agencies of the PHA. We must ensure persons at their most vulnerable moments believe they will receive world-class competent medical attention and excellent customer service when entering the doors of our institutions,” he said. 


JokeyJack says...

This group obviously doesn't understand that their "good" deeds are actually bad and only serve to prop up the current government regime.

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