BOXING ‘MISSION ACCOMPLISHED’: Federation, All-Out Boxing Club conduct clinics for officials

AFTER all the uncertainties and challenges, the All-Out Boxing Club and the Bahamas Boxing Federation were able to declare: “Mission Accomplished.”

Unable to secure a boxing ring in Grand Bahama, federation president Vincent Strachan shipped one there, went and personally set up the ring and conducted clinics for officials to ensure best results.

Not only did boxing matches take place but a tribute was made to the late Tyrone Oliver. Eunice Oliver and several family members travelled to Grand Bahama for this special occasion.

She was presented with a plaque from All Out Boxing Club.

Also, a Sugar Bert championship belt by Bert Wells, president and CEO of Sugar Bert Promotions USA, who was one of the special guests.

Oliver said her son Tyrone took his belt he won several years ago at Sugar Bert Championship, to have some refurbishment done. Sadly, he never got it back from the individual or company contracted to do the work.

The unknown person/s never contacted his family in that regard.

President Strachan spearheaded a call to the audience for financial contributions to assist Tyrone’s eight-year-old daughter, which was supported by the persons in attendance.

It is anticipated that this would be a regular ongoing process to help the child.

The St George’s Gymnasium came alive on September 22 with 10 exciting matches, male and female.

Night two, September 23 was equally action filled with eight dynamic bouts.

Not bad for a first time for Jermaine Gibson, head coach and president of the Grand Bahama Boxing Association.

Truly the magic is back with boxing in our second city.

Gibson also announced the next event is all set for October 28.

The main purpose is to host regular boxing shows to provide the boxers with actual competitions.

Presently, there are more than 200 boxers on Grand Bahama, the majority of whom are from several high schools.

Day 1 Results

DeVano Dorsette defeated Luciono McPhee Jr, in 3rd round.

Menyenek Bowe lost to Nicholas Doonuate, majority decision.

Andrea Rolle defeated Chanea Stuart in 3rd round (female high school).

Mataya Young won over Tyrah Rolle (female novice).

Keano Cox lost majority decision to Josiah Smith (Novice 135lbs).

Jiraya Francios won majority decision over Louvens Norvilus (high school, 156 lbs).

Peter Grey won over Aladden Ellis (Bimini) 156 lbs novice in 2nd round Special Championship match.

Keanu Greene defeated Michael Felistine in unanimous decision (high school division 185lbs cruiser weight).

Clearance Hepburn defeated Elijah Smith. Majority decision, Novice 185lbs.

Malino Knowles defeated Lincoln Alleyne, referee stopped contest in 2rd round 185 lbs novice.

Day 2 Results

Kaymani Kelly, decision Luciono McPhee Jr, age 13, 120lbs division.

Rosnell Williams decisioned by DaVano Dorsette high school division, 110 lbs category.

Josiah Smith defeated Nicholas Doonuate novice championship, 135 lbs.

Keano Cox decisioned Menyenek Bowe, novice 135lbs.

Jariaya Francios won by decision over Benito Rolle, Championship, age 16, high school division.

Joni Vega defeated Louvens Norvilus, high school, age 16, 256lbs.

Tyrah Rolle defeated Andrea Rolle, majority decision, novice female.

Keanu Greene defeated Michael Philistine, 3rd round, Championship.