‘Enough jobs available for skilled workers’


Tribune Staff Reporter


LABOUR and Public Service Minister Pia Glover-Rolle says despite the massive turnout at the British Colonial Hilton’s job fair on Tuesday and Wednesday, there are enough jobs in the country for people willing to equip themselves with the necessary skills. 

Mrs Glover-Rolle attended the job fair at the Andre Rogers National Baseball Stadium yesterday.

Labour Director Robert Farquharson said 1328 people were processed on day one while 400 people attended the fair yesterday.

“More persons showed up than the property or the organisers were looking to hire, but that is normal for job fairs,” Mrs Glover-Rolle told The Tribune.

“We usually have more candidates show up than available spots. However, I spoke to many of the candidates that came out, and most of them, a few of them in particular, already have jobs and are looking for second opportunities.”

“In terms of supply versus demand in the job market, there are always jobs available in the country. The important thing is finding persons with the skill sets and the qualifications to meet the job requirements.

“So, I think it’s more of a need of training and workforce readiness training that we need focus on in our nation, which is provided through our National Training Agency and, of course, technical and vocational training with BTVI.”

 Mrs Glover-Rolle said there will be more job fairs before the end of the year.

 “There are other opportunities that we’ll be presenting through our skills bank.”

 “We encourage jobseekers to register at the Department of Labour skills bank where there are a number of jobs available. We seek to match those job opportunities with the skill sets of those who present themselves through the site or through our career fairs.”


Bobsyeruncle says...

*"The important thing is finding persons with the skill sets and the qualifications to meet the job requirements"*

Never going to happen given the current standard of education in the country

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