Doctor’s PI expansion tied to Royal Caribbean


Tribune Business Reporter

A Bahamian doctor yesterday revealed he aims to capitalise on Royal Caribbean's beach club by expanding to Paradise Island with his third footwear store when that project opens in 2025.

Dr Kenneth Kemp, owner/operator of Bahamas Foot & Ankle, told Tribune Business his new orthopaedic footwear store on Paradise Island will target tourists with foot ailments. They will be able to buy the specialised footwear and still enjoy the 17-acre Royal Beach Club and other attractions while on vacation.

“This will be our third location. A lot of people have foot problems, and a lot of it is related to the type of footwear they wear and the shoes they decide to adorn," Dr Kemp said. "Usually, when they are walking, they are putting way too much pressure on the inside or the outside of their feet, and that constant rotation back and forth strains them.”

Dr Kemp said he has partnered with a “major orthopaedic company”, but declined to identify it. He added, though, that it was “fully on board” with him teaming with Royal Caribbean and tying his expansion to the project's opening.

“The good thing with Royal Caribbean is that they are working with Bahamians, and it’s scheduled to open in 2025, and so you have some breathing room to start that preparation in order to get things in order. In order to facilitate that process you have to start early," Dr Kemp said.