Voter against govt, not citizenship

EDITOR, The Tribune.

For years we denied legitimate claims to citizenship now proven in the Wayne Munroe, KC, case and Appeal to the Privy Council and justifiably the higher Court judged in favour of his claims now any child of a Bahamian male from an outside relationship with a non-Bahamian mother born in the Bahamas is a citizen.

We cannot forget the two referendums we had … 2002 under PM Ingraham when in the waning days of his administration the referendum certainly spoke loud that the populous had enough and sent a message … we want you out. PM Christie tried in 2016 very much in his waning days and the public said we fail all questions we are tired of your Government - but, Editor, the truth told those questions were correct Constitutionally the Munroe case has proven so the political logic doesn’t touch citizenship is void. Constitutionally correct, but a referendum vote said No way.

I suggest in both cases it wasn’t the questions asked, but Joe public was simply tired - fed up with the Government of the day and sent a strong message by voting down even the extending the age of retirement of judges - come please!



September 23, 2023.