Why borrow money? PPP the right way

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Family Island Airports - were we not told developments will be completed using PPP -Private-Public Partnership financing? Seems big announcement we borrowing from Saudi Arabia to develop Exuma Airport. A dollar is too much, Editor!

PPP process is ideal …Government should never have to invest any cash in kind the facility-land and franchise … a deal made in heaven for sensible people.

Up to ears in debt, massive debt payments coming due in 2024 and we borrow?

Ministry of Investment needs to go back to remedial classes at UB.

PPP process can get all the political capital projects completed at zero cost to Government … so why are we borrowing? If we borrow let’s hear the terms?

“New Day” … if PPP was correctly used, yes, otherwise the total opposite! Borrow-borrow and borrow and pray you never have to pay back! Sir, you do!



September 28, 2023.