Man shot and killed in nightclub parking lot

A 33-year-old man was reportedly shot and killed during an argument outside a local nightspot on West Bay Street early this morning.

In a statement, police said the incident took place shortly after 4am on Monday.

The victim was in the parking lot of the business establishment about to enter his vehicle when an argument began between him and another unidentified individual.

The police statement read: "It is reported that the confrontation escalated, resulting in the unidentified individual producing a firearm and shooting the victim multiple times before fleeing the area. The victim, after being shot, managed to flee but collapsed a short distance away from his vehicle."

Emergency medical technicians examined the man at the scene but found no vital signs of life, according to police.

Police are actively searching for the whereabouts of the suspect/s involved in this matter, and are once again appealing to members of the public, to find alternative ways to resolve their conflicts.

Anyone with information that could advance this investigation is urged to contact 911, 919, the

Criminal Investigation Department, or Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS (8477).