Bahamas’ karate team wins 20 medals at the Miami International Shotokan Cup tourney

THE Bahamas’ karate team from Bassai Bahamas Karate-do/ JKI Bahamas, headed by sensei Shawn Smith, took a delegation of 16 persons which included team coach censei Smith, assistant coach Stekeia Johnson and team captain Kia Martin to Miami, Florida to compete at the Miami International Shotokan Cup karate tournament hosted by sensei Yasuyoshi Saito, the chief instructor of Japan Karate-do International.

On Saturday, June 1, the tournament was held in honour of sensei Saito’s 50th anniversary as a Shotokan karate instructor. 

At this prestigious event, the team won a total of 20 medals. 

Team Bahamas was one of the smallest countries represented at the tournament. There were countries like Mexico,  Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago amongst many, and the United States of America (USA). 

Team Bahamas was able to compete in this international tournament, resulting in all of our team members winning medals, including sensei Smith, who was presented with an honorary gold medal, from tournament host chief instructor sensei Saito. 

“I am very pleased and proud of our team. We came from an open tournament background transitioning to traditional karate. We have a lot of work to do and will be hosting training camps to sharpen our skills. Our goal is to compete at the highest level at these traditional karate tournaments. I am so proud of my students,” Sensei Smith said. 

• Here is a look at the event’s results:

Kristian  Burrows - 2 bronze - kata and kumite

Sa’Niya Johnson - 2 silver - kata and kumite

Ryan Rolle -  2 silver - kata and kumite

Keturie Williams - 1 bronze - kumite

Kareem Nairn - 1 bronze - kumite

Branaj Culmer - 1 bronze - kumite

Charles Grant - 1 bronze - kumite, 1 silver - team kumite

Zyon Pinder - 3 silver - kata, kumite, team kumite

Samari Culmer - 1 bronze - kumite, 1 silver - team kumite

Tiara Knowles - 1 gold - kata

Jasma Newton - 1 silver - kata

Wellington Brown - 1 silver - kumite

Sensei Shawn Smith - 1 gold - instructor participation

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