Nygard: I could die if I go to court


Tribune Staff Reporter


PETER Nygard is struggling to find legal representation in Canada two weeks before he is sentenced for sexually assaulting five women between 1988 and 2005.

During a hearing on Monday, he told a judge that appearing in person for the sentencing hearings could be life-threatening because he is ill.

Superior Court Justice Robert Goldstein reportedly told the 82-year-old: “You’re not a doctor. I know it would be uncomfortable for you, but you were here in the courthouse, every single day, during the trial. I’m not saying I’ve made up my mind at this point, but you should be prepared for the possibility that I will require you to be here in person.”

 Two lawyers have stopped representing Nygard, according to international reports.

 Megan Savard, his second attorney, withdrew recently for “ethical reasons”.

 Justice Goldstein informed Nygard that he was appointing Richard Litkowski as an amicus curiae –– a “friend of the court” –– in case he cannot retain a lawyer soon.

 Nygard’s sentencing hearings will take place on June 25 and 27.

 He was convicted of four counts of sexual assault last November in the first of several criminal trials he will face for his treatment of women in multiple countries across several decades.

 He is expected to be tried in Montreal and Winnipeg. He will then be extradited to New York to face sex trafficking, racketeering and other charges.

 Former Police Commissioner Paul Rolle said in July 2019 that an investigation was launched into sexual abuse claims against Mr Nygard after The Tribune revealed that six women made formal complaints against him.

 In 2020, Mr Rolle said when officers visited Mr Nygard’s home in 2019, they realised he had left the country. He said when police contacted Mr Nygard to assist with their probe, he refused to return.

 Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander said in November 2023 that he would search for the investigation files concerning complaints from women in The Bahamas to see why charges were never brought against the former fashion mogul. He has not updated the press on the matter.

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