Bahamian wrestler Kaylia to compete at Baha Bash


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THE Bahamas continues to expand its sports tourism brand and it will continue to flourish now with live pro wrestling set to touch down in New Providence on June 29 over at the Baha Mar resort.

The pro wrestling event ‘Baha Bash’ presented by All Caribbean Wrestling (ACW) is slated to begin at 5pm in the Andros Ballroom. 

The one-day event is set to bring out some big names in pro wrestling, including The Bahamas’ very own Alexis Gray who is also known by her stage name Kaylia Capri.

The event’s promoter Jeff Brazzle said the event is gonna be truly electrifying as some of the top wrestlers will be competing on the card.

“It’s gonna be an action packed night filled with 8-10 matches and electrifying energy at Baha Mar inside the Andros Ballroom. People will get a chance to meet their favourite wrestlers in the ring along with celebrities like WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry, WWE Superstar “Pope” Elijah Burke, WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream and WWE Superstar Lince Dorado and from Nassau, Bahamas, formerly from WWE NXT, Kaylia Capri…We are bringing in an action packed roster of people for the wrestling fans,” the ACW promoter said. 

The wrestling extravaganza will also highlight other wrestlers such as ROH/TNA Superstar Kenny King, FEW Flares Women’s Champion Cassandra Golden, ACW Women’s Champion Mazzerati and International superstar tag-team, hailing from Africa, NU Nation.

Brazzle said wrestling fans can expect a totally different viewer experience watching the action in-person versus viewing it on the television.

“You are looking at the quality of talent that is seen on TV. You do not have to sit at home and watch this on TV. You get to come see it live. You are getting the quality and level of competitors that have competed on the highest level in the WWE. We have the World Strongest Man Mark Henry, WWE Superstar Lince Dorado, who is gonna bring his luchador style, so it is gonna be a lot of exciting flips and jumps off the top rope.

“We also have women’s wrestling with four women matches that are gonna be on display which is unheard of in all of professional wrestling. Most wrestling shows have one or two matches but we are doing four women matches because the women are just as competitive as the men today,” he said.

Capri, who is also known as Sierra Breeze on the Women of Wrestling (WOW) Superheroes brand, made her wrestling debut against Penelope Pink last week. She had some big moments in her first wrestling match but Pink finished her off with an inverted DDT followed by a three-count pinfall for the victory.

She spoke with Tribune Sports on Wednesday and expressed her excitement about being able to compete in front of a home crowd at Baha Bash. 

“My excitement level has to be on a 50 out of 10 right now, especially because everywhere I go more and more people are showing how they know about it. Our VIP section is pretty much sold out and we are at least three weeks away from the event. The fact that we already sold out tells me that people are invested and actually want to see what I can bring to the table so I am extremely excited to be able to perform in front of a Bahamian crowd. I think that the little things that I do only Bahamians can pick up on so it is an amazing opportunity right now. Mentally, I am locked in and I am ready for this,” she said.

The Baha Bash main event is on Saturday, June 29 but wrestling fans can get a more personal interaction with Capri on June 22 at a Meet-and-Greet scheduled to be hosted at Fusion Superplex.

After making her pro debut, videos of her match were shared all over social media and she saw the support Bahamians extended to her and had this message for them.

“I would like to say to my fans thank you very much for taking that role to support me…I think what I want to bring to wrestling is a real person. It is not a script telling me how to talk, this is not me forcing a look but this is me genuinely coming from my soul. If you like a genuine person and someone you can put your trust into and you wanna be entertained, keep rocking with me in any way, shape or form. This is gonna be a wild ride,” she said.

Tickets start from $10 for general admission and it is free for children under 10 years of age. 

The Meet and Greet is also priced at $10.

Doors open at 3pm. 

Individuals interested in attending can purchase tickets at

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