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Alex_Charles says...

Stop talking and change a law if you’re gonna do it.

On 'Marital rape issue must be addressed'

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Alex_Charles says...

Can we just uninstall BahamasAir?

Alex_Charles says...

Now People can stop making asinine financial decisions and understand the consequences of living within one's means with some type of credit score.

On Credit Bureau operator set for January selection

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Alex_Charles says...

you are mistaken. We collectively vote to remove an administration. Thats it. Also the FNM never put their policy platform out there, they just went in full PR mode against the PLP (and vice-versa).

Our political scene is a collection of jackwagons

On Cruise bid criticism ‘absolute rubbish’

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Alex_Charles says...

I'd never vote for one. I'd rather vote for someone with some policy experience or at minimum some knowledge in public policy and legislative matter. We don't need more clueless morons in the house.

On ‘We need to know source of the money’

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Alex_Charles says...

Anyone here remembers when the legal system was efficient and it was reliable? Me neither.

On Six years on - where’s my money?

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Alex_Charles says...


Seems like Grand Bahama Power can even keep the power on, something BPL has struggled with for 30 years.

On Miller begs BPL - leave the lights on

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Alex_Charles says...

No matter what, the Bahamian tax payer gets shafted.

Alex_Charles says...

A corrupt country getting upset about how corrupt it is?

Russell along with everyone that works at the Dept. (and the whole country) knows damn well this sort of trash is par for the course. This should be seen as a national disgrace and should finally push for reforms.

Who am I kidding, This is The Bahamas...

Alex_Charles says...

Shouldn’t it be Tow the line and not “toe the line”?