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DDK says...

Starting to sound like a bunch of hog wash.

On 'On target' for March 1 disclosures deadline

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DDK says...

@John, there may be something to your musings about outside interference..........

On Man shot dead as he visited family member

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DDK says...

"BPL reported that there was a total system shutdown on Abaco at around 8 am, caused by "a sudden and unexpected fault" occurring with the cooling system at the Wilson City power station." Do no believe the problem was either sudden or unexpected. These people seem to have lying down to a fine art. Wonder who dey dost learn from?

"He revealed that the incident happened just after the replacement pump, which had been ordered months ago, left the Arizona supplier to make its way to the Bahamas." We believe this because???????

"BPl, in a statement on its Facebook page yesterday, said: "BPL in Abaco wishes to advise that supply has been fully restored to the mainland and cays. The company apologises for the inconvenience, and would like to thank the residents and visitors of Abaco for their patience." And by 7:30 this morning things were back to normal with loss of power reported in North Abaco.

DDK says...

Good questions, will we ever get the answers?? Suspect we won't like them.

On Is Oban deal all it seems?

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DDK says...

Man even looks like a mafia-type sleezebag!

On Refinery project good to go

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DDK says...

That is sickening, but was it not August, 2014?

DDK says...

How uplifting and refreshing!

On FACE TO FACE: The Mayor and his raccoons

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DDK says...

"Abaco has been without reliable, consistent power since Friday after the final pump for the Wilson City power plant's cooling system blew. " lol. abaco never has realiable consistent power. Sell the - - - - -. Better yet, give it away. BEG someone to take bec aka bpl off the hands of the government. Power was off in North Abaco again on the morning of 21st February.

On Abaco's power woe 'too much' to bear

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DDK says...

Perfect! Please e-mail a large copy directly to The PM, Minister of Health, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Gaming. We can only hope they take the time to read the comments of The People, whose time it surely is!

On ‘Sin tax’ sacrifice needed to fund NHI

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DDK says...

finally! Thank you, Mr. Symonette!