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Greentea says...

16 with ovarian cancer? wow. Cancer is a plague in the Bahamas. We need to address it as such.

Greentea says...

No fan of the PLP but the lease should be public. ALL government agreements should be made public.

On ‘Show us the deal for Town Centre Mall’

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Greentea says...

what a poorly transcribed interview- "I though on my best suite" really? good grief.

On INSIGHT: More than just a uniform

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Greentea says...

Wow. Bahamian Doctors are getting PAID. Why not nurses? The world is global. Other countries are willing to pay well for your services nurses- Go.

On 30 nurses leave PMH in only two months

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Greentea says...

Police in cars couldn't catch two dudes on a moped? Jesus help us.

Greentea says...

This is a joke right? "New" never means "brand spanking new" in relation to Bahamasair. We shop at AirMax.

On Bahamas has no Boeing 737 MAX planes

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Greentea says...

I am still stuck on "both he and Mr Heastie agreed that there was NO ONE at BPL presently skilled in electro-mechanical engineering." By damn! Not a single engineer of this type working at BPL? Not one? That is a disgrace. I am not saying the people who work at BPL aren't smart and can't be trained, but the fact that out of all those workers not one went on for further training tells you the amount of money these fellas were pulling down. No incentive to update and improve training and qualifications. And these are the same people willing to sabotage and mortgage the country's future to protect their goldmine.

On Maynard on the warpath - again

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Greentea says...

Why isn’t the boat named?

Greentea says...

Mr. Woods’ arrangement is ridiculous and sanctioned by governments- probably the PLP but one can’t be sure. Gibson is playing politics and it’s dirty and effective in this climate but it also asks for transparency in government pay. And Woods asks a question whose answer I would like to know as well. How much is Gibson making as Chairman and how much time is he putting into the job? Let all government salaries and perks be posted!

On Gibson 'endangering my life and my family's'

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Greentea says...

Marco left this world eight years ago. That it has taken this long to get something meaningful implemented and THAT is STILLin the implementation phase is a national disgrace.

On Child rescue system still in testing stage

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