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If Frankie Campbell's purported Bahamian father, whomever he may be or was if now deceased, had no involvement whatsoever in the application process for Frankie's Bahamian citizen, then the application must be found to have been fatally flawed, in which case Frankie has never held Bahamian citizenship. Frankie's purported Bahamian father would have had to, among other things, produce required original documents to evidence his (the father's) Bahamian citizenship and also swear an affidavit and/or produce an official or certified copy of Frankie's birth certificate naming him as Frankie's father. If this did not happen, then there is no way Frankie can claim to hold Bahamian citizenship by virtue of his father purportedly being a Bahamian citizen. Ergo, Frankie was ineligible to be nominated as a candidate in the last general election and is not a sitting MP.

On Campbell faces new citizenship challenge

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Fully agree - Constitution should be changed asap.

On Debate over treatment of illegal aliens

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"No" they don't have the right to seek gainful employment in instances where they ought to know full well that they have been engaged by a corrupt racketeering numbers boss for the main purpose of peddling their influence with regulators to further expand his de facto criminal enterprises involved in money laundering and other illegal activities in the eyes of the global financial community. And "Yes" the many former senior regulators and their family members employed by Sebas Bastian and Craig Flowers (not to mention the family members, lovers and cronies of politicians that he also employs) strongly suggests the handsomely compensated former senior regulators are indeed breaking the law in what can only be described as illegal quid pro quo arrangements!

On D’Aguilar questions chairman’s motives

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While Minnis might be justified in going the way of a one-off eminent domain scenario, the next owner would want considerable assurances that such a scenario would never happen to them. The same would apply in the case of Baha Mar here on New Providence.

On Offer on table for Grand Lucayan

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Reality_Check says...

My paternal grandmother (now deceased) would always say: "Watch out for people who always point with their index finger....they have much to hide about themselves and every reason to be very insecure in their own skin!"

On No timeline on campaign funding

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Reality_Check says...

If the remaining unpaid liquidators' fees amount to $806,000, one can only begin to imagine just how high the overall total fees must have been!!

Reality_Check says...

Our government is losing millions and millions of dollars every year by either owning or having a majority ownership interest in all of the following:

* A clearing bank - Bank of The Bahamas

* A national airline - Bahamasair

* A national power company - bpl/bec

* a national water & sewerage company - W&SC

* A national TV and radio broadcasting company - Broadcasting Corp, of The Bahamas

* And so on

and now minnis wants our penniless government to get into the high stakes business of hotel ownership in a very big way by having the taxpayers of our country bail-out a loss-making investment made by the hutchison whampoa group which is a highly profitable multi-billion dollar foreign conglomerate with the deepest of pockets. have minnis and his cabinet members gone totally bonkers!!!

On Offer on table for Grand Lucayan

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Only a fool would ever have blind faith in a matter the politician's political leaning.

On Roberts accuses Sands of ethics code breach

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Leslie "Woman Slapper" Miller is a loud-mouthed two-bit low-life crook who thinks anyone who is not a crook just like him is a fool.

On ‘Lenient’ BPL let staff run up debts

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Reality_Check says...

Absolutely astonishing! It's becoming patently obvious that Carl Bethel enjoys tightening the vice-grip clamps that he has on Minnis's nuts.

On Greenslade assured his full pension

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