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TheMadHatter says...

The PLP would win at least 25 seats. The DNA (doing nothing again) would win their favorite number ZERO seats.

Hope we wont wait until 2022. Can the GG please dissolve the House tomorrow? Please?

On FNM would lose an election if held today

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TheMadHatter says...

He continued: “The union’s concern is primarily our staff being trained and the future of our staff at the power station. Obviously, they are going to have to keep the staff.

Of couse they have to keep the staff. The remaining unburned generators aint got no insurance either.

On ‘Shell deal can’t cost us jobs’

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TheMadHatter says...

If i had a cigar and your address, i would Fedex it to you. Exactly correct. Our MPs have no control over this. The world migration situation is controlled by the Soros group and the IDB.

On Legal status for majority in shanty town census

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TheMadHatter says...

"... We heard many reports from persons who live in Abaco and persons who have visited that the figures could be anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000 (residents) but what I’ve given to you are the facts. We believe that they are the facts.”

Mr Foulkes, you keep believing YOUR facts. Alternate facts are fun. In fact, my fact is that i'm married to Paris Hilton and ride around with her in her jet all the time visiting cities around the world and staying in the penthouse suite at every Hilton her grandfather owns.

I like that "fact", so i believe it. I stay happy that way. Almost as happy as any Bahamian MP.

TheMadHatter says...

"...of the Freedom of Information Act are still being prioritised by his administration, insisting the implementation dates for both will come during this term."

This term? This term? This term?

I guess when the Chief of Police work for ya, you can bring in the good stuff from Jamaica with no worries.

Sir, we are still waiting to hear where the VAT money gone from 2015.

We don't need ALL freedom of information right away. Just the money. Then we can worry about how many shovels are in the Ministry of Works warehouse and other trivial matters.

Where the VAT money gone ???

TheMadHatter says...

Oh, and for those who don't believe Berlin is the capital of Germany - i cant help ya.

On ‘False victory’ in blacklist escape

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TheMadHatter says...

James Smith is correct. I would also add we should thank God for the riots and fires in Paris. Hopefully they will spread to Berlin and other European capitals. Give them something else to worry about besides being all up in our grits.

On ‘False victory’ in blacklist escape

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TheMadHatter says...

In the Bahamas, to become a hero, you need two things:

1. A passport
2. A plane ticket on an international flight.

TheMadHatter says...

Probably someone looking for their land papers for a mortgage they paid off 2 years ago. I've heard with several banks (i cant say RBC) you pay off your loan and it goes years before you get the conveyance back.

The fun part is, there is NOBODY in government you can plead with or beg. They say you must hire a lawyer.

So any of you out there thinking you wanna pay off your house next year and then sell it - think again!!!

On Break in at Royal Bank of Canada in Freeport

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TheMadHatter says...

"...and I was amazed, astonished and happy that, that enterprise, Nassau Agencies, had gone totally green; solar. "

Why didn't he call the Chief of Police to come and place them under arrest? It is illegal to generate that much solar power. He proposed legislation to correct this a few weeks ago but has gone quiet. Why are some allowed to break the law while others have to pay BP Hell?

"...he National Energy Policy (NEP) has listed as one of its goals, to, by 2030,"

We can't wait until 2030. He obviously intends to lose the next election...or better yet, maybe Loretta will come and toss him out once more.

On PM: High energy costs stifling industries

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