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TheMadHatter says...

Mudda_Sic - I'm sorry that I must disagree with your comment "Our judiciary has no legal standing upon which it can direct or force our government to provide homes, electricity, running potable water, etc. in order for illegal immigrants to live anywhere else in our society, no more so than it does for Bahamians who are poor..."

They have the power that will be forced upon them by the International Community with its host of cry-baby 3-letter agencies. The U.N. Children's Rights blah-be-de-blah etc. Fred and them will make another trip to D.C. to speak before some other council (and still be allowed to return through our immigration borders without a noose).

The International media will wage a war against us and paint us with the the darkest of colours and turn away 90% of our tourists saying nobody wants to visit a place that hates children - just like they are doing TODAY against Australia because of the children being held on Nauru. Everyone there keeps saying those children need to be taken to Australia for medical help. New Zealand has offered them refugee status, but Australia has refused to let them leave. Why must they they go to one of those 2 places? Who doesn't anybody (including the Indonesian government) ask for the children to be taken to Indonesia (where they came from ) for medical treatment? Are there no medical facilities in Indonesia? And if there are indeed none, then where is the international outcry about that? Don't the existing children in Indonesia deserve medical care? Shouldn't there exist at least ONE hospital there?

Why are $h^tH04e countries allowed to remain $h^tH04e countries? Nobody gets upset with them. The international cry baby agencies give them all a pass.

TheMadHatter says...

Keep the residents where they are and tax every Bahamian between the ages of 20 and 50 years old $500 as a special "humanitarian tax" to pay for repairs and cleanup of the shanty towns nationwide.

Shanty town residents are excluded from the tax, since they are humans.

Tax due by Dec 1st or face one month in prison.

TheMadHatter says...

Bark bark bark ... no bite.

On Now name and shame non-disclosure MPs

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TheMadHatter says...

A friend had her money taken off acct with atm card a couple years ago. Suspected her daughter took it off because her daughter knew the pin having helped her (due to age) to use the atm.

Thought her daughter took out of purse without her knowing and replaced it without her knowing.

She went to the bank thinking they could just look who it was on the atm camera. The bank just refused to look at the camera memory. No reason given. Just "No, we can't do that."

Makes me wonder if those cameras are even hooked up to data storage.

Of course i cant name the bank due to our wonderful liebel laws in this colony.

TheMadHatter says...

In the dictionary under "nonsense" there is a link to this article and a picture of the former governor.

TheMadHatter says...

The truly sad thing is that most Bahamians are too uneducated and ignorant to know the different meanings of the terms:

Accused murderer
Convicted murderer

Sad. Very sad.

On Three face court on murder charges

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TheMadHatter says...

Agree with Mr Wilchcombe completely.

TheMadHatter says...

Did she happen to mention whether or not RBC is one of the number of banks that hold house and land Deeds for YEARS after the loan is paid off?

I don't know if they are. Just wondering.

On RBC silent on claim scam netted $800k

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TheMadHatter says...

John...for once we agree. You are spot on here. That's why i keep saying we gotta get these Chinese outta here operating food stores. People need to stop shopping those places.

Here is the report. Food poisoning, reduction of male sperm counts, selling BTC for peanuts, it's all that kinda stuff. I believe the D average is also deliberate. Keep the people ignorant so they remain willing slaves.

TheMadHatter says...

If Ingraham had implemented the Freedom of Information Act and if Finance would publish monthly ACTUAL figures in & out online then WE would already know this. None of these silly "Budget" figures which are only pipe dreams and bong schemes.

Secrecy is killing us. Monies going any old place and all kinda citizenship ad in the paper with no picture. No wonder we Bahamians have to wait long for passport.

On $3 a patient - truth of hospital bills crisis

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