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TheMadHatter says...

Hrysippus. Listen. It's very simple. A "curve" is just a graph of the number of students getting each possible %correct score from 0 to 100. We always find that most grades fall in some middle range - say 55 - 75. The graph looks like a gently rolling hill.

We then draw a line from the highest point down to the x-axis and call this the middle or "median". After that we decide all on our own how far to go (equally) on both sides of this line and draw a line on both sides. The space between these two lines we call the middle group and assign this group our middle grade.

We then travel some other arbitrarily chosen distance to the left of the left line and the same distance to the right of the right line. Again both these distances must be the same. We assign our grade above our middle grade to the right-most group and our grade below our middle grade to the left-most group and we repeat this process assigning grades left and right from our middle as we go.

This concept is used to assign the "average" or "middle" grade to the "average" or "middle" group.

Usually grades are A B C D F so that the middle grade is a C.

But our geniuses ib our government in their infinite conch shell wisdom decided to have grades like a b c d e g f so that the middle grade in the group is a D. Hence our muddle or average students get called D students simply because we CHOOSE to call them that.

This affects their self esteem and this then brings down their peeformance so they truly become losers and ignorants.

I suppose if your goal is to create a steady supply of hotel room cleaners and laundromat workers then this is a brilliant plan. Our children "aspire" to become Atlantis employees because we teach them that such a goal is awesome and super cool.

Own an Atlantis. No. Not you. You are just a D average dumb Bahamian. Dont even think about it.

TheMadHatter says...

Sheep....".... But remember that these exams are measured on a curve that places you at a percentile skills level compared with..."

yes. yes. yes Exactly my point. Change the mathematical element of the damn curve!!!!!

This is not f%€£*&^ necessary. I have a degree in math. You can make any curve you want.

On One step closer to two-term PM

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TheMadHatter says...

Resigning from politics today as we celebrate Haitian Flag Day and the fact that 50% of us cannot make ends meet.

Goodbye. It was a nice try.

But we failed. In 7 more years none of us will be able to make ends meet.

Our country is now ruled from abroad God help us all.

TheMadHatter says...

Bogart - if we Bahamians could get together and demand that the Queen finish giving us our independence by sharing up the so-called Crown Land among us - we could start to end our reliance on these vulture banks.

Free independent Bahamians? LOL But the Queen still gats ya land. Yinnah black hip pay mortgage!!!!

Jokes cant done.

TheMadHatter says...

We are so used to getting the short end of the stick - that this doesn't even matter anymore.

On Fuel bills set to soar

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TheMadHatter says...

"the government has signed a $20m loan facility with the Inter American Development Bank..."

There the govt goes again, borrowing on our heads and against our childrens' futures.

A good cause - but if it is a good cause WE need to pay for it. We need to pay for our slackness - that's the only way it is realized to be an error.

Cereal is currently duty free. Why not impose a 50% duty on all sweet cereals - like Fruity Pebbles etc. - and all candies except pure chocolate bars (which have a nutritional benefit) ?

This will help fight childhood diabetes and obesity and pay for this program which also helps families and children.

Will people be angry at these new high costs? Yes. Let them be.

TheMadHatter says...

Neither PLP nor FNM would appoint Graham as Minister of Energy and Environment. Now it's time to pay the piper.

On Fuel bills set to soar

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TheMadHatter says...

Oh Lordy Lord - now we even gats dog food shortage.

TheMadHatter says...

I dont know if this report was written by the joker or the midnight toker. Either way, the Bahamas is over.

TheMadHatter says...

Nice article. I guess VAT stands for:


LOL. Good luck to him and the job seekers.