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TheMadHatter says...

The article says " 'This administration has also committed to a brand new maternal child health wing and...' "

Just what we need...LOL. More babies.

Free land
Free clinics
Free schools
Free towing ya sloop from Exuma to NP
All aboard da free gravy train.
Bahamas money can't done.

On Sands aims to tackle ‘horrible’ healthcare

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TheMadHatter says...

DWW good point - but if you are looking for the root cause of our problems, it is that we mix our Water & Sewerage together ... LOL

TheMadHatter says...

It is simply unacceptable that in this day and age a plumber in Eleuthera who registers himself with the Dept of Labour is NOT informed that there is an employer in Bimini looking to hire a plumber.

If the Government would like me to solve this simple issue for them , I would be glad to write the software and tie it to the Internet free of charge.

The CDU can easily obtain my identity, without doubt. This is a serious offer. Our people need this. Our economy needs this.

TheMadHatter says...

Wait until the androids that can sweep and make-up beds come out in a few years. Then the highly esteemed goals of Bahamians to be a hotel worker cleaning rooms for $3/room will be dashed. They won't even be able to do that.

The soup kitchen line ga get longer.

TheMadHatter says...

"...more information and more education to get into The Bahamas.”

lol ha ha ha lol kml

This guy been away from home so long, he forgot Bahamian law which forbids those two things from the common man. The best we can hope for here is a D average my brother. D. D. Let me say it again and hope you don't forget it the next time you think of writing one of these inspiring but impractical (here) articles.

D !!!!!!!!

TheMadHatter says...

Tal, you and i are agreeing more frequently these days. Maybe i gotta see my doctor? LOL.

Good point there, along with Bogart's.

Also the MP should make a rule that any water service which falls 13 months behind shall have the meter removed and pipe capped. In this way, no more rental fees shall accrue.

however, i also think we should install limited meters (just like a prepaid cellphone) which dispense, say, 500 gallons per month to any hone authorized by the Dept of Social Services. There are some Bahamians in genuine need and this old toting water with a tief grocery cart gots to stop.

On Water Corp owed $44m by clients

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TheMadHatter says...

The article says......"We were told that other private entities had offered to do this through the prison," Mr Robinson said of the vehicle licence plates."

In the Bahamas, any discussion of slave labour always takes center stage. We find nothing more exciting than the continuation of slavery through ongoing British Imperial rule in accordance with our Constitution.

Funny this should take place at the prison....what kind of inspection them Japanese going to do? I must have misread a prior comment.

TheMadHatter says...

The same with migrants. We need to deal with the root cause of why someone would risk crossing a treacherous desert or a stormy sea risking death to come to the USA. What is wrong with the country they are in? Is it a shithole? Maybe we can send them some toilet paper, or perhaps even some toilets. Perhaps we can even go beyond the subject of shit and help them to make their countries NOT BE shitholes generally speaking in all aspects of their lives - not just digestion?

Maybe we can investigate WHY somebody living in a shithole goes forth and has 9 children, bringing them forth alive to live along with them in a shithole. Why do people in shitholes have more children (generally) than people who don't live in shitholes? Do the parents just instinctively know that children like the smell of shit? Do children like living in run-down wooden shacks with leaking roofs? If so, why don't the building codes in developed countries require that all child care centers and kindergarten classrooms have leaky roofs and also outlaw the installation of toilets in any building mainly occupied by or for the use of toddlers? Children just love shitholes, right?

The arguments people are making about Trump's comment are just silly and do not address the REAL problem...which is the simple existence of shitholes in the 21st century.

On CARICOM blasts trump’s insult

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TheMadHatter says...

Everybody is missing the important point here.

The question should NOT be "Is Trump a racist?" Whether or not Trump is a racist does not affect your grocery bill.

The question should be "Why are some countries real shitholes?" An even better question is "Can we improve these countries or can they improve themselves so that they stop being shitholes?"

People leave shitholes all over the world to come to the USA for a better life. Why not stay in their own countries if they are such good countries?

The migrant/immigration problem is exactly similar to the cocaine/heroine problem. We can put more police to cruise poor neighborhoods. We can wiretap drug dealer's phones and get warrants and search their homes and warehouses and arrest them and confiscate their drugs. We can arrest drug users. We've been doing it for decades. Yet, there are still tons of drugs on the street and tens of millions of users.

The same is true of illegal immigration. We can implement E-Verify to combat illegal hiring. We can have officers raid factories and farms and WalMarts and restaurant kitchens. We can have computers in patrol cars to instantly check fake IDs. We can make it near impossible to register a vehicle or get a drivers license. They even require ID now to ride a Greyhound bus. Heck, we can even "Build a wall"

Yet, people still continue and will continue to come to the USA from various shitholes (excuse me, i meant to say "beautiful wonderful countries") looking for a better life.

With drugs...we have to deal with the root cause of the problem and that is why do people WANT to use drugs. What is wrong with their lives so terribly that they choose to inject heroine with a needle to the arm? Once we figure out the why and make their lives better, then they won't desire drugs. But, believe me, as long as their lives are a Hell they will seek drugs and there will be people out there that will take a gamble to try and supply them with drugs.

On CARICOM blasts trump’s insult

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TheMadHatter says...

Nobody can solve crime with enforcement policies. What is happening is a balancing act of nature. The more babies are popped out, the more bullets the gangstas need to pop out.

There are only so many people that can live on this rock confortably and Mother Nature forbids us to exceed her limit. If we do, then she makes the needed adjustments.