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TheMadHatter says...

KP is doing a great job as Finance Minister overall, but he is wasting time with the EU. We don't do enough trade for it to matter (% wise) and they are going to be stomped out of existence by big boy Trump in the very near future anyhow.

A civil war is brewing there (with the Muslims) and the whole thing will crumble. Her Majesty was wise enough to see this with BREXIT.

TheMadHatter says...

We have a Haitian League of Pastors??? lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol. lol

Dr. Charles ... don't worry, the Government already has a place "prepared" for them, it's called Inagua.

Aegeaon, you need to lay off the funny coloured pills buddy.

On Questions over shanty town census

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TheMadHatter says...

John...for once you and i agree. Spot on mate !!

On IMF – Your economy has turned the corner

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TheMadHatter says...

If KP accomplishes a TRUE balanced budget and under the newly proposed accual accounting system AND if the actual income & expenditure figures bear it out 12 months later then the FNM will be re-elected in 2022 easily with a skeleton campaign budget. So sayeth the Hatter. We will revisit this subject in 2021. Stand by.

On DPM pledges 2020 ‘balanced Budget’

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TheMadHatter says...

Thank God somebody sees the light that TheMadHatter shed on this issue over the past four days. Smith is completely correct. The EU does not deserve the level of response KP is giving them.

Of couse someone as wise as Sears would know this as well. I am not a PLP by any stretch of the imagination - but if Perry and Lady Pindling had allowed Sears to speak at their convention prior to the vote, he would be PM today and we would be in better shape.

TheMadHatter says...

Illegals need to be kicked out and Bahamians need to be taxed $25/month for every child being more than 2 per family. Failure to pay means ya TV gets cut off.

TheMadHatter says...

OldFort - that's exactly my point. When people hire Bahamians they pay them "nothing" then complain when they get nothing in return.

How many times have you heard stories of foreigners coming in, getting paid big bucks WITH car and housing allowance and school fee assistance etc. But if you're a Bahamian you're just supposed to be happy living on $250/week and "Thank God for life."

Bahamians are basically suffering under genocide in more than one way.

TheMadHatter says...

Brent is correct.

I disagree these are jobs Bahamians dont want to do. The fact is that many prefer to hire foreigners not just because they are cheaper - but because then they can be threatened with deportation if they dont cower like a dog.

This is big time in medical areas as well, not just maids and gardeners.

TheMadHatter says...

Maybe the spirit of this proposed law is not to offer permanent residence automatically, but instead to stress that the idea of citizenship for the said class of persons is no longer an option.

It may be a limiting options, not offering new ones.

TheMadHatter says...

We dont do enough business with the EU to make this even a subject for discussion. How about a trade deal with Iceland? Do we do much business with them? No.

Tell EU to blacklist us and all the other colours of the rainbow. We have real problems to deal with in this country and dont have time to turn the apple cart upside down to suit them. Make it known worldwide that no companies having roots in any EU country (except UK which voted to leave) is welcome to invest here.

Not welcome. Go away. Thank you.

We will be fine.

On ‘Why so jittery on income tax’?

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