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I employed a Haitian gardener for nearly a decade or so......a strong young strapping man referred to me by a friend. I paid him well, paid for his annual work permits, registered him with National Insurance and paid 100% of the required contributions. I even taught him how to drive, helped him get his driver's license and gave him one of my cars to use so that he could run errands for my family. He was a good worker. I knew he had never been married before, but then one day my wife somehow found out from him something that neither of us had known before. He had 11 children, all born in the Bahamas by 4 different Haitian women, all of whom were illegal immigrants. Shortly after learning of this my wife immediately dismissed him with a full year's severance pay, took possession of his work permit and surrendered it to Bahamas Immigration. My wife's rationale for doing so should be obvious. She was appalled at the fact that our well treated Haitian gardner was having a bastard child born at the rate of one a year by several Haitian women who were all illegal immigrants. We now have a well treated hardworking 'legal' Peruvian gardner who doesn't seem to be the slightest bit interested in woman. Both my wife and I are happy to no longer be contributing to our country's many problems caused by Haitian illegal immigrants.

Well_mudda_take_sic says...

Bahamasair became as corrupt as could be when it was headed by Henry Woods (now thankfully deceased).

On What about the list at Bahamasair?

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An excellent letter - some very good ideas here!

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Very well said - thank you!

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If Haiti refuses to accept our deportation of illegal Haitian immigrants (including their children born in the Bahamas) then we should cease all diplomatic relations with Haiti and request that their embassy personnel immediately leave the Bahamas. At the same time, our Ministry of Immigration should give 6 months notice to Haiti that the Bahamas will be revoking all work permits held by Haitian nationals and will begin rounding up for detention all Haitians who will then have no right to reside in our country, if they themselves or the Haitian government have not made arrangements for their repatriation back to Haiti. As for preventing future illegal immigrants from Haiti, The Central Bank of The Bahamas, in concert with our Ministry of Finance, should order all banks and other financial institutions operating in the Bahamas (as well as the gaming web shops) to immediately cease all currency transactions and international money transfers to financial institutions in Haiti and South Florida involving Haitian nationals unless prior written consent is received directly from The Central Bank of The Bahamas. Bahamas Immigration officials at all ports of departure (land and sea) for travel to Haiti and South Florida destinations should be instructed to undertake a rigorous search of all Haitian passengers and suspected non-Haitian currency mules for cold cash in currencies other than the Bahamian dollar being illegally carried out of the Bahamas for the benefit of illegal Haitian immigrants and their family members back in Haiti. Introducing these harsh but necessary measures would put an end to our Haitian illegal immigrant problem and help build our foreign currency reserves. It is high time we get truly serious about protecting our sovereignty, cultural identity and economy from the ravaging effects of unchecked Haitian illegal immigrants. If we are to survive as a nation, we must do whatever we can to fight the scourge of illegal immigration that has for decades now been eating us alive from within like a deadly cancer. As heartless as it may sound, we must turn a deaf ear to the many sob stories pushed to us time and time again by those who do not have the interest of lower income Bahamians at heart, and this includes the Haitian government itself. These are the types of actions the Minnis-led cabinet members should be considering as a matter of great urgency....not the kind Mr. LLoyd is talking about.

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> PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis plans to open temporary offices in other Family Islands, including Exuma, Eleuthera, and Central Andros to begin monthly visits there.

This is code for growing the size of government rather than creating private sector jobs. Minnis should be asked: How many people will be added to the public sector (government) payroll and at what annual cost? Also: What will be the expected total annual rental cost of these new 'temporary' offices?

In this day and age of advanced communications capabilities over the internet using handheld smart devices, do we really need such costly 'temporary' offices? Will someone please remind Minnis that we desperately need to shrink the size of our bloated government; not increase it!

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Can we cap BPL's electricity rates for the next 10 years and somehow force Franklyn Wilson a/k/a Snake to buy BPL in exchange for the forgiveness of all debts owing by BEC that can be attributed to the outrageous price gouging over many years by his fuel supply and distribution companies, which debts have in essence since been guaranteed by the Bahamian government?

On BPL ‘will have to be privatised’

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Snake has never ever done anything out of the goodness of his heart....he's a cold blooded greedy reptile of the worst possible kind. So let's just step back for a moment and ask ourselves: Why would this ruthless greedy reptile have his company (FOCOL) pay for fuel purchased by BPL from Morton Salt? At the same time, let's ask ourselves: Who does Morton Salt buy the fuel from that it sells to BPL for the generation of electricity on Inagua? Could it be that Morton Salt buys the fuel from FOCOL in the first place? Could it be that a debt for fuel previously owed by Morton Salt to FOCOL is now a debt owed from BPL to FOCOL? Now let's ask ourselves: How much of BEC's massive $600 million of outstanding debts (liabilities) attributable to fuel purchases over the years (which debts have in essence have been guaranteed by the Bahamian government) relates to Snake's fuel supply and distribution companies like FOCOL? Keep connecting the dots and you quickly realize Snake has a sizable investment in his ill-gotten fuel monopoly (and our government) that he has a vested interest in protecting. Snake never does anything that does not have a greedy business angle to it....for him its all about money, period!

As for BPL's $14 million plus of insurance business wrongfully placed with Snake's Sunshine insurance company, you can be rest assured the brokerage commission earned was a hefty one - probably about 30%. And 30% of $14 million plus is anything but "small"!

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Minnis should be removing Reward Wells from his cabinet post-haste! If Minnis fails to do this, it will tell all of us Minnis is no better than Christie in which case we had better start focusing careful attention on what foolishness Minnis and his cabinet members have been up to since May 10. Symonette is definitely one to be closely watched!

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Bannister should be investigating why The Pointe developers/owners failed to ensure their property had appropriate fully functional drainage systems. The previous corrupt Christie-led PLP government had responsibility for ensuring that this was done with all related costs being for the account of, and borne by, the developers/owners.

On $40,000 to unblock manhole at The Pointe

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