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birdiestrachan says...

He seems to want to blame, But he is now in charge, him and no game Dames.These
breaches are occurring under their watch.

On Commodore: We'll learn our lessons

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birdiestrachan says...

They can say what ever makes them feel good, But the truth is there should be no shanty
Towns in the Bahamas. It is against the laws of the Bahamas. one can rest assured
there are no Shanty Towns where Fred Smith lives. But I Guess Smith feels it is all right
for other Bahamians.

As for cleaning other people's property. was it free or did the people pay?

On Shame - FNM boss' 'dirty' illegals slur

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birdiestrachan says...

Freeport Grand Bahama problems go way back before the former Government was in power.
The FNM Government had 10 straight years. FNM Country what happened?? Zero

birdiestrachan says...

If any one is in a dream Land. It is The business owner, a coward who does not wished to
be identified. Grand Bahama is a part of the Bahamas. A part that is going no place.....
Hurricane prone After Hurricane France two hotel closed to open no more. After Matthew\
Our Lucaya closed. It almost seems as if the Good Lord has turned his back on the place
While the know it all Experts have no idea what to do to turn Grand Bahama around . They can
talk about the wrong but know nothing about the right,

birdiestrachan says...

The outspoken QC has the hands of the Immigration tied. It is interesting that Cat Island boy
disrespects the hard working Mr. Pratt and other members of the Immigration department
and sees no faults in the outspoken QC who has contributed nothing to the Bahamas or
its people, He has called Bahamians everything but Children of God and he has tried to
bring disrespect to the Bahamas. ever chance he gets.

That is what one gets when they accept undisclosed donations. Sold for thirty pieces
of silver.

On Immigration free 'writ' detainees

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birdiestrachan says...

The Immigration department will not be able to send them back. Because the out spoken
QC who gave the FNM Government a undisclosed amount will not allow it. Besides
they can bring all the children they wish and they will be registered in the schools or they
can call Brent Symonette and he will see that it is done.

On Ashore - and more heading this way

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birdiestrachan says...

never mind Pintard he has not made the pages of the media for some time, so here he comes\
He will learn soon enough that commitments are not cash in the bank. this story is weird. And
vague to begin with. Where will the first building be built. ??**Strong**

On Building to begin on Junkanoo facilities

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birdiestrachan says...

They should ask his family members. They should know where he is. where ever
he is he has contacted them. There is no need to play these games.

birdiestrachan says...

They including the relatives know where this man is. The show boat master is at the top of
his game. I do hope that Johnson and Gibson did not miss this photo opportunity so that
they can show themselves worthy of their Master's praise.

On 'Disappointing' if Jean Rony deported

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birdiestrachan says...

When it is opened up to Lawyers. The Out spoken QC will in his high pitched voice sing
a different tune.

On A surprising display of vision and imagination

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