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killemwitdakno says...

What's the cost?

killemwitdakno says...

Data is needed for progress around here. FDI have to know what kind of jobs usually need permits. Decision making info required for ease of doing business.

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killemwitdakno says...

Did you seriously post this picture instead of giving us a graph .......? What was it historically?

killemwitdakno says...

The last time I saw this report, it was in the paper during the hurricane where of course no one probably saw it.

Department of statistics is useless if you can't go to their site and see it.

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killemwitdakno says...

With pregnant visitors, you will need more space anyway.

Bring back the midwives too. God, the thought of having a baby at home sounds awful.


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killemwitdakno says...

You don't need restaurants either if theeyre not lining up. Just bring in the food trucks.

killemwitdakno says...

A sampler is never going to spend the same as a overnighter unless the cruises were parked for 24 hrs, but still, no one is going to blow $1500 in one day on their first stol when the cruise is expensive and all inclusive.

Focus on conversions. Quirky promos like collect points for discounts on any future travel when you check in at participating locations. Hello foursquare and fb check ins, there's other apps too.

Nassau and the other islands should be promoted on those strange private islands.

Some cruise excursions offer boat charters to another island for a day. Although the private islands aren't close enough to Nassau.

You've got to utilize the onboard hosts as well , share knowledge of loca shoping with them as it's their job to direct person to what to buy at the port.
Make sure theirs enough on the cruise room commercials. Maybe local places can submit.
Utilize reps to distribute your own MOT brochure when docked, even if gorilla.
(Why am I doing all this without getting paid .. )

Free wifi on Bay will always be a catch since the internet is $100 onboard.

Y'all owe me this $1m you just cut from Freeport's office.

killemwitdakno says...

You don't need parking. Just trolley in. It'll be like City walk Orlando.

There's enough to do in the rest of Nassau in a short amount of time , sounds like you've never looked at TripAdvisor. Local Tour guides should be lined up with their busses like in Roatan and Cayman.

Should have got the Chinese to build a waterfront for all their damn trouble.

If Oasis Freeport and Lucaya can't be helped, I don't expect the harbor to appear.

Try to preserve Bay's historical image as well.

killemwitdakno says...

You need to clean up the friggin place.

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killemwitdakno says...

I'm confused on what he means by ceiling.

How does AirBnB work with other places that use VAT?

This is why , as someone who integrates payments online, I warned that VAT was to complicated to implement for websites and was the dumb route.

Now your #1 industry is changing and you can't tax it : D