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killemwitdakno says...

Don't blame Tribune. You ask for answers but then you dumbasses don't listen when they've been saying this forever. Listen for once. Sounding like white privilege when you won't acknowlege the obvious.

Something has to interrupt the kill or be killed trap.

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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killemwitdakno says...

Assess the loan provisions. Whether ppl understand and void qualify.

Asses whether online bankers have complaints of fees.

On Chamber launches banking fee survey

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killemwitdakno says...

Require self deportation. Have them check in frequently and report any change of address. Make them buy ankle bracelets. The return ticket has to be BahamasAir. Have sealarete facility for refugees and assyslum seekers that accepts fundraiser donations.

killemwitdakno says...

The exchange hasn't changed! It's the same old garbage website with a few listings form 2011! And why are you doing referrals instead of requiring companies to post publically?

You wan talk income tax for jobs you don't even know is there?

How do employers even access for themselves or everyone has to come through you?

killemwitdakno says...

What is sheerunnee running on with. Morton salt is Bahamian salt.

There was some in Ragged Island too.

On Sea salt production in the Bahamas

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killemwitdakno says...

Has he read he reviews of Lucaya that it's all the same?

Whoever is the board perhaps lacks the taste for a plaza. It shouldn't be that anyone with rent is welcome. Stores and restaurants should be approved as fitting the style.

The ground could be pristine. It currently looks dirty in photos.

I'm not fond of the cheap Christmas string lights for regular decoration.

Awnings, flowers, signs, and props go a long way. Grade window displays and store exteriors.
Follow reviews of the restaurants food.

Keep cheap out of stores.

Tourists complain of being aggressively heckled passing from the hotel into Lucaya. That should cause a conduct violation.

I personally think the dock is crowded. Some open water area there for a gondola or flat floating board rode like Jamaica would be nice.

If the Unesco restaurant allowed restaurant guests to pay for pool use instead of just exclusive for hotel guests, that would liven up the side of the strip.

Honestly , Lucaya only lacks vision. Also, it can't look the same as the harbour's new area. No one is going to go across town for the same.

The square needs a Mgmt team for performances. Don't allow just any community crap on stage, it's not a community theatre. The site doesn't even say who to expect there. The site doesn't link to the stores social profiles.

I wouldn't put too much money in upgrading since inevitably the whole thing could use revamping from scratch.

The independence triangles and the entrance on Independence Day aren't up to par. It shouldn't be decorated shabby on holidays. Look at the images taken by users on google and retake them professionally.

Please move the rasta mural to the back of somewhere. How could that have happened ? Who was the art authority to approve that concept before it arrived?

The stage....

Have a good photographer vendor like cruises !!!

I think a little movie theatre room would be something hotel guests would like.

The 24hr Dunkin' Donuts was a hit.

No one knows that you can take a picture with an iguana.

This should be Freeport's Rodeo Drive.

Small scale frequent events of all types will keep it thriving. Promo parties, simple contests, sampling, do more at the art shops. Just like all malls have to do. Events that the hotel has could be symbiotic with what's available at Lucaya. I.e. a % off beauty at Lucaya with hotel event tickets.

The marketing has lacked. Some commercials of the places are poor or unmatched to the whole Lucaya brand. It's important that people are reminded of what's there. Be on google and fb maps! Use customer loyalty, have email lists. Just just be there and expect everyone to now and desire, have to work at it.

Who's in charge? Creative director and marketing manager needed. Bottom line is it's whatever runs Lucaya that doesn't know what they're doing or got rusty.

On Minister: GB needs a 'tourism identity'

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killemwitdakno says...

Save your numbers if you guys aren't adding, listing, or making graphics of anything. Just shut up. Ineffective transparency.

On Turnquest: Real deficit $695m

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killemwitdakno says...

Problem is immigration has no classifications at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make a whole list whilst at it please.

killemwitdakno says...

Future of WTO. Wait til foreign companies sue over subsidies.