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ohdrap4 says...

> Bahamasair To Launch Bimini ***Fights*** On
> May 3

Who is coming to fight?

ohdrap4 says...

> Our problems are culture based, not
> technology based.

That is true. i know a number of professional people, who have even worked for banks and corporations which are technologically forward who "do not do atms".

They still drive around paying utility bills facing multiple lines or go to a billl paying service and line up outside in the rain.

When RBC turned digital, they decided to move their coounts to a credit union, probelm solved by avoidance

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ohdrap4 says...

> Funeral Homes: We're Not Government
> Fee 'Enforcers'

Business owners out there, had you been so bold as the funeral directors, we would never have had vat.

Bring them fellas to negotiate the WTO.

ohdrap4 says...

keep walking, keep walking

ohdrap4 says...

> $15 to cash a cheque if you are not a
> customer of the bank

they just stopped cashing cheques for non customers.

problem solved. no cost now.

ohdrap4 says...

> Electronically transfer funds from one
> commercial bank to a customer at
> another bank

yes you can, but it costs anywhere from 22 t0 45 dollars. lol

ohdrap4 says...

Let's just chase them crazy baldheads out of the yard.

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ohdrap4 says...

> if you drive a car i'll tax the street
> if you take a walk i'll tax your feet.

Stop the madness, insurance leeches. there is only so much tax one can take.

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ohdrap4 says...

Also, heed this call, the credit bureau is not retroactive. Go ahead folks, mortgage your knickers, come 2019, it will not show on your record. beat them predators.

ohdrap4 says...

I once could have been a casualty of the banks. I continued to make payments in excess of what I should have. In the end, I got my money back.
Unsophisticated borrowers stop paying when they are unsatisfied, let the late fees pile up then they have no redress. I got a lawyer, my loan was finished, they owed me money.

However, I do find fault with folkswho think banks are predators, but the payday loan folks are not, the insurance companies are not, the webshops are not.

We are chickens for plucking.