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ohdrap4 says...

this is only half of the story.

they want the duty dropped for merchants only. not for you who who gets a shirt or two through the couriers.

that way we have to buy the crap they sell and, god forbid, you are too tall or too slim.

ohdrap4 says...

> “which will on the one hand increase
> penalties for persons who harbour or
> employ undocumented worker

death penalty for those who hire an illegal gardener. no one will care because nobody will bee ever charged with it.

> on the other hand, will also provide
> clear legal remedies to the
> undocumented migrant

house them at bahamar till their case is heard?

On Marital rape and immigration overhaul

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ohdrap4 says...

> So where will the workers come from.

Norway and those other viking countries which have been invaded by illegal african immigrants

Yes, i am a visionary..

On Newbold: Stay tuned on immigration

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ohdrap4 says...

you ever heard of one?

If you do, tell them to buy the Punch and call that bahamian lady immigration lawyer in miami.

On Newbold: Stay tuned on immigration

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ohdrap4 says...

you forgot adrian gibson for attorney general

On Sands aims to tackle ‘horrible’ healthcare

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ohdrap4 says...

Here is what is behind it: Bahamians do not believe in maintenance.

you see those cars on the road with no bumpers, no brakes and cracked windshields or malfunctioning seat belts? Yep, the same people who drive those cars pilot airplanes, they also travel as passengers and find nothing wrong ignoring safety.

they even attempt to break the law of gravity by taking on too much weight on the plane.

the day bahams air stops flying, i will travel on the mailboat, no matter how long it takes.

ohdrap4 says...

let me guess: A new tax?

try it.

the people just unseated a sitting prime minister. a first.

maybe there will be more history in the making.

On Sands aims to tackle ‘horrible’ healthcare

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ohdrap4 says...

> All they need to do is put items,
> goods and services online. One of the
> fastest growing businesses in our
> country are couriers and how they are
> having an impact on business

Fleishmann became rich because he bought his own airplane fleet to deliver yeast all over the place.

If a business man wants to become a millionaire, he has to offer:

1) Delivery of amazon goods at a lower rate than the couriers, especially volume weight.

2) charge the customer a flat service fee for his trouble on top of duties, and other fees.

3) Return of amazon goods at a flat rate

4) Negotiate a percentage of customs duty refund with the Gvt, then charge the customer a service fee for doing that.

5) Sell non defective returned amazon goods on consignment.

ohdrap4 says...

the standards bureau sets standards for car dealers.

This same bureau said many gas stations short us on fuel everyday. they have dine peep about it.

ohdrap4 says...

years ago, a member of the forces contracted malaria while on a job trip to haiti.

PMH gave him chemotherapy. he died. Only afterwards they discovered it was malaria.

On ‘Doctors sent my Shany home to die’

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