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No, the demands are made now, not after one joins.

Read up on how the WTO works and you will see that.

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All good points.

On QC: Bar must open for financial services

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Hanging will do nothing to deter crime. It is society that deters crime.

The US has a higher murder rate than most developed countries and is the only one with the death penalty.

To stop crime one must fix the social ills.

On War on crime 'needs more than just words'

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Mr. Moss, you clearly do not understand the detail in the WTO. The Government can and will, within reason, be able to assist the establishment and continuation of many local industries.

However, those industries are going to have to become more proactive and competitive.

The Competition Bill should make it more difficult for never ending monopolies that the "Bay Street Boys" have had for decades. Oh sorry, you don't agree with that legislation as it it is part of WTO requirements.

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No problem. You have just told the Bahamian Consumer to go and shop in Florida as you have no intention of reducing your prices.

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Very good point.

On Beauty queen loses title over social media post

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We (parents, schools and students) must improve the results in our education system.

Students who can't get BGCSE's in math and English will be extremely difficult to train and unlikely to find any real job.

The days of a car being fixed by some 'bush mechanic' are now severely numbered. Soon most machinery won't run unless the computer is operating properly.

Most jobs now require the ability to read, comprehend and follow instructions. Without a proper understanding of the English language this is all but impossible. In addition basic math skills are also required.

Computers and automated machines do the things that those without math and English can do so no human beings are needed.

On Seeking to plug the skills gap

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Absolutely, Nassau is struggling with all the people and GB needs more.

On DPM urges GB firms to expand to nassau

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Mr. Trump is busy in speeding the decline of the United States and making China 'Great Again'. He pulled out of the Climate Change Agreement and China has stepped in to say it will help the world achieve this goal.

Russia has turned to China. It was under the Nixon Administration that Kissinger managed to drive a wedge between the then Soviet Union and China, but Trump has removed the wedge to China's advantage and the United States disadvantage.

Trump puts up tariffs on Europe and they make a Trade Agreement with Japan that covers one third of world trade. The US is not a part of that.

The Pacific Rim countries still went ahead and signed the TRIPPS agreement without the US.

The US is going back to its isolationist ways under Trump. The world is looking less and less to the US for leadership as Trump drags the US into irrelevance.

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You have to wonder who pushed her to this.

Many are born here of a Bahamian parent and always treated differently by many others who because both parents are Bahamian call the other a foreigner or a Haitian, even though they are not.

She is young, and though she should resign, let this be a lesson to her that bigotry and ignorance is just that, and to ignore it..

On Beauty queen loses title over social media post

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