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Economist says...

Suggest you start with the Bahamas Defence Force as they are supposed to protect our boarder. They have let over 30,000 illegals through so far.

Immigration is swamped because the Bahamas Defence Force sits back and lets the illegals in.

On We need to get tough on immigration laws

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Economist says...

Western Air can handle the traffic to Abaco and Exuma.

The big problem is Bahamasair(Government jobs and votes program) is able to use the taxpayers money to put other Bahamians out of work and out of business.

Imagine if Sky and Western Air were each given an extra $30 Million a year by Government.

The Minister does not want to get involved because he knows that he is a big part of the problem as he has helped fund the destruction of Sky.

Watch out Western, the Government will be out to end you as well. They will use millions more of tax payer money to shut you down to keep the Bahamasair Government jobs and votes program going.

Economist says...

Mr. Pickstock is absolutely correct.

However, I fear that the Government seems to think that these cruise ports are going to save the economy, which they are not.

These ports put little or nothing into the economy. And, under the Heads of Agreement the cruise ship companies are given a 20 year tax and maybe VAT free time.

This Government must introduce these reforms or the Bahamian economy is doomed.

Economist says...

Same old PLP. Nothing changed, nothing new.


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Economist says...

Banker, thank you for telling us how it really is.

I agree, if we can be so hypocritical about being a Christian nation then why can't we do the same about Sovereignty.

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Economist says...

***"Submissions will be vetted and you will be advised by the department within five days from the date of presentation."***

This is a very good step forward. A government department that can get back to you within 5 days. WOW!!!!!

I hope the rest of the procedure will work just as fast.

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Economist says...

Good infrastructure goes a long way to a good economy.

We need to grow up.

Agreed that he should resign. Now accept the offer and fix the roads and airports.

We badly need both of those to boost our tourist product.

46 years of independence and we are still arguing like a bunch of children to the determent of our own good.

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Economist says...

This country will lag further behind if we don't join. How bad does it have to get before we start to do the right thing?

I guess some people must love high unemployment as it will only get worse the longer we wait to join the WTO.

Once we were the leaders with very low, if not full, employment. Today so many others have passed us down and taken our business away. In many respects, we have given, and continue to give, it away to what was once our competition.

In case no one noticed, we are no longer competition for Bermuda. We have helped make Cayman, the BVI and Turks & Caicos and they have passed us down. Indeed, those four are so far ahead we can barely see them.

None of them worry about us anymore.

Economist says...

Obtaining 9 megawatts, in containers, is not a problem. There are plenty of 2 megawatt machines, that are capable of operating in parallel, available in the US which should have been rented, imported and hooked up within 48 hours.

The General Manager of BPL should have dealt with this and failing him the Permanent Secretary (the Civil Service are the professionals who run this Country) responsible should have dealt with this.

They both should be dismissed.

We need to bring in people, even if they are foreign, who know what they are doing to clean this mess up.

Economist says...

There is no reason for delays other than the competence of the Air Traffic Controllers.

There are many single runways airports around the world and they run tens of millions of passenger through each year.

Get some professional Air Traffic Controllers please.