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Look at the colour and shape of the shark. It looks to be a nurse shark. They really if ever pose a danger to anyone.

On Outrage at shotgun shark killing

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Good comment.

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Whoever wrote this must have been an Obama appointee. Look how Trump's America treats illegals.

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This is very bad news for Bahamians. The Cruise Line companies make all the money on the tours. Now they will own the restaurants (sure a Bahamian may operate it but the rent OMG).

Look at Great Harbour Cay with these two island ports.

See any rich Bahamians living on Great Harbour Cay even though hundreds of thousands of tourist go right next door? Just a few low paying jobs, that's all.

If Rcl gets the western end of Paradise Island, Nassau may as well shut down.

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He argued: “If skills are not readily available then ***our workers need to work along with the experts to be trained and learn those skills.*** It’s not that we do not understand a Wartsila engine, as in any industry a company acquiring new fleet requires the staff to train on its operation and maintenance.

**Always asking to be trained. No one taking the initiative to learn about something before it gets here. You have 6 months, go on line, find out about some courses. Prepare yourselves.**

Why would I want lazy and unmotivated people working for BPL?

It takes time to train, so that will put up the cost and delay the installation. Just a gimme attitude, sad.

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It will be interesting to see if this time they can make a difference. New Providence has been suffering power cuts for as long as I can remember (mid 1950's).

They are always buying new equipment that will solve the outages.

So far all I can say it proves that some are never able to learn from their mistakes.

On BPL to unveil $95m power plant boost

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Great Editorial.

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Tal, please explain how Freeport is "Free" for the residents.

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True, you sure got that right!

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Good move. When one considers the inefficiencies of government run organizations versus the private sector.

I am aware of one service where it is done by the private sector in one area of the country and the government in another. The Government cost is 300% higher. So a $2 million loss could mean that, if run by the private sector, it will make money.