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Economist says...

He and his hand picked team are why there is no new business in Freeport of any consequence.

Legitimate business won't do business with him.

He has been President of the GBPA for 10 years now and has done nothing but hurt the hard working residents of Freeport.

On Port enablesĀ better employee feedback

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Economist says...

The Bill will effect all areas of business and not just aviation. A law like this has been needed for decades.
Sure Sky may benefit, but so will many other businesses. This bill is good for the consumer.

Economist says...

I am well aware of the Vat at the boarder. If Customs is modernized to first world standards then most of the goods are declared by the business as and when it is imported and both VAT and the Duty, is paid directly to the government. No cash at the boarder and customs only does spot checks to keep people honest. The penalty for trying to cheat the government is more than business is prepared to risk.

Yup, quite a few less customs officers are required.

On Govt admits to 50% Customs leakages

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Economist says...

As the WTO forces lower duty there will be less for Customs to miss. Indeed, there will be less need for all the Customs Officers. Government is now collecting the revenue by the much more efficient method of VAT.
Soon we won't need as many customs officers and can save the Government salaries.

On Govt admits to 50% Customs leakages

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Economist says...

The Good Bishop can do something to rectify this. The a part of the cause of our poor economy is the grade 'D' education. Many of our young men are unemployable. A country's economy is only as good as its productivity.

Many educators talk of the lack of support of the students parents. Bishop you can start by ensuring, not just doing a sermon or two, but creating an active and effective program in your church that makes parents be responsible for their children, whether those children come from within or without wedlock.

The church is too happy to pontificate and then sit back and do nothing.

Now get to work Bishop!

Economist says...

While I am concerned with the fact that her husband is the Governor of the Central Bank and provides for a clear conflict of interest, I am also aware that Dr. Rolle does have a good grasp of the problems facing the Country and NIB.

Her input, at NIB, is much needed.

Economist says...

Grew up on the water. Inboard or inboard outboard explode, but never an outboard.

Since he had tourists, I assume he had insurance so this should make for an interesting claim.

On Inferno at sea

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Economist says...

Bahamasair has, is, and will continue to be a drain on the Bahamian people. It is not needed and should be shut down.

Economist says...

Good job!

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Economist says...

Police are good at getting speeders on an open road with little or no traffic though.

On Texting while driving to be made illegal

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