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Economist says...

It was the GBPA who approved this. You should march infront of the building with the real power.

Oracle is correct.

You need to go after the Grand Bahama Port Authority not GB Power.

On Grand Bahama groups condemn power bill price hike

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Economist says...

Thank you Mr. Alnebeck, well said.

Economist says...

That's correct.

Now the Bahamians get very little out of the cruise passenger dollars. The cruise line use our countey to make them hundreds of millions a year and leave us with their polution.

We would be much better off spending money and bringing more air arrivals.

On Carnival unaware of its ships damaging seabed

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Economist says...

So why are the patients not receiving "basic treatment"? It would seem that Dr. Lockhart knows but doesnot want to expose the Ministry of Healths incompetence.

Thank you Dr. Bethel, for bringing this to light.

Economist says...

We should ban the likes of Carnival and Royal Caribbean and their cheap sister companies.

The cruise lines cause more environmental damage than they contibute to our economy. They have captive audiances on their environmentally destroyed islands and hire a few Bahamian life guards and maintance workers which are low paying jobs.

When they come to Nassau they tell passengers where to shop and which tours (ones where they have a special fee structure) to take.

Bahamians get very little. It is not like the 1960's or early 1970's where the passenger got off and explored, went to Bahamian owned resturants and bought tours directly from the tour operator.

Get rid of these leaches.

On Carnival unaware of its ships damaging seabed

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Economist says...

Ok, so I read the Bahamas Supreme Court judgement.
1. Bahama Divers had a US Agent and a US phone number - i.e. was US connected so they had right to try the case.
2. Bahama Divers chose to ignore the case in the US completely ignoring their US connection.

Nothing is said in the Judgement but, reading between the lines, it would appear that Bahama Divers did not put the case in the hands of the insurance company.

We all know that when you get in a car accident you inform the insurance company and the insurance company handles the case from there so it begs the question why Bahama Divers was fighting the case?

On Dive 'institution' closed over $9m court award

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Economist says...

Where was the insurance coverage?

Economist says...

Tell that to the people who watched their family members get sick with COVID-19 and then died. I can think of two people who have lost, otherwise perfectly healthy, family members.

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"Before returning to The Bahamas, he was a member of the Goldman Sachs Investment Banking teams in both New York and London. He holds a master’s in business administration from Stanford University (2018) and a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College where he graduated as Salutatorian in 2014."

He was am member of Goldman Sachs banking team both in London and New York? He graduated 2014 and even though he was busy on the team he had time to do a MBA or did he join the team afetrwards? Emmmmm!

If he did join afterwards, he did not hold much of a position (apprentice maybe?). Even if he joined in 2014 he would not have that much decision making experience yet. Why not have at least 10 or 15 years of experience before taking on such a position?

On Young professional appointed Family Office CEO

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Economist says...

I agree there should be no reason for the 102 location pending number.

It is evidence that they have no idea what they are doing. Screams of incompetence.

Makes one wonder if this same incompetence is the cause of a number of deaths.

I suspect this is why Brave Davis went to the US for treatment. Sad, because he has had a large part to play in our current health facilities.