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Wonder how much extra we had to pay to have this done on an urgent basis.
Oh that's ok, the taxpayer picks up the tab for the couldn't care less lackadaisical employees of Bahamasair's maintenance.

And another thing, how come they were able to fix this so quickly once theysaw that the US was not going to let them fly?

One or more people need to be terminated for this fiasco. I would start with the Chairman.

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A further problem is that if the work force is not competent the economy won't grow at a rate necessary to creat the number of new jobs required to employ 7,000 (less retiress) new persons coming into the job market.

This makes it very difficult to reduce the unemployment rate. It also creates a social and economic atmosphere for more crime.

On Economy 'running on 30% efficiency'

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Finally, a man of the cloth who is a thinker. This is refreshing.

On Time to open debate on abortion, urges priest

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I am aware of Bahamians, both white and black, who have been recruted before they left university. One in the US and one in Canada.

But one thing that most of the Bahamians who work abroad are prepared to do and that is move around. This done because it gives them the experience of dealing with different problems, different cultures and better equips them for their job. Companies, in turn promote such people.

Bahamians in the Bahamas feel that they do not have to move to a different country to to climb the ranks.

Could you imagine the noise in the market if the government hired a foreigner to run the Central Bank? There was no out cry in the UK when the government there hired a Canadian to head the Bank of England.

We need to look at how business operates around the world.

On Pinder warned over 'blunt' visa crackdown

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Economist says...

Spot on.

On Pinder warned over 'blunt' visa crackdown

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**“We remain focused on our vision to improve the quality of life for everyone in Grand Bahama, and to provide high performance service in areas of utility, city management and business development.”**

Remain focused?????? You must be kidding. You have done nothing for the last 10 or 12 years.

GBPA would be one big joke if it wasn't for the suffering of the residents and licensees.

On Port Authority names corporate affairs head

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Of the large investors that have come to The Bahamas over the years, Hutchison stands out head and shoulders among the worst.

Hutchison's non-performance together with the GBPA's failure to do its job is the reason Freeport is a failed city.

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NEMA has the plans. South Beach, Carmichael Areas, Yamacraw etc, all flood zones.

Understand that they expect some 10,000 homes to be flooded if a storm comes up slowly and blows the water off the banks on the South-side of New Providence.

That's before we knew about a storm as strong as Dorian. Make that 15,000 or more homes.

On Govt explores ‘no build’ zones

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**"Recently we passed the most modern environmental protection legislation a part of which allows for damages for historic pollution."**

Now that is interesting! So if I did something wrong in the past you can penalize me for it, even though the law under which you are penalizing me was not in existence???

Is that allowed under the Constitution????

On 'We'll chase Carnival for new pollution'

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I am checking out in the same store as everyone else. I am not at one of the exclusive stores. People are bringing cardboard boxes and old bags. No complaints though.

On Retailer fears on ‘holding the bag’

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