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Those who feel that they should have got the posts will now need to up their game and show everyone how much better they are. Alternatively, they can go into private practice and beat up, if they can, on these new foreign appointees in court.

Competition is healthy, we can't expect to get an appointment just because we are Bahamian.

Look to the UK where their current head of the Bank of England is a Canadian. Just because you are a UK citizen does not mean you get the job.

Welcome to the real world.

On Lawyers angry over DPP’s expat hirings

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Economist says...

Good comment. Agree completely.
These unions are killing our economy.

Economist says...

The Bahamas has a bad reputation when it comes to labour relations and the union is making it worse.
One of the reasons Syntex pulled out of Freeport was labour.

Some of the unemployment in The Bahamas is directly attributable to the labour unions.

This bad reputation is another reason we have not been able to attract much FDI in the last 20 years or so.

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Bahamasair thirst for money will soon require another increase in VAT. Another $22 million for the Min of Education would be a good idea, but $22 million for Bahamasair...crazy waste of money.

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Old man , give up. You clearly don't have the first idea of what WTO is about.
All you can do is reminisce about the good old days of 60 or 70 years ago.

Things were a lot tougher then. Your beloved Bay Street Boys kept everything for themselves.

WTO has nothing to do with anything that you spoke of. The reason the gas station owner doesn't leave it to his children is either they are not interested or there was no succession planing.

Succession planing would require your beloved cheap minded gas station owner to spend some money on getting professional advice.

By the way you should also spend some money and get someone who really is an expert on WTO to teach you on that subject.

On No WTO scare tactics, just facts

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"Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard told reporters they remained committed to tackling the issue, and warned that if they did "nothing", a quarter of a million migrants would reach the US this year, according to Reuters news agency."

Hardly a million a day. Please get your facts straight.

I am suggesting that the Defence force do its job along the 80 mile part of ocean through which all the Haitians come through.

It is only in the last 20 years that the US has decided to deal with illegals. It is much easier for one to cross a 2,000 mile boarder with tunnels etc. No tunnels to The Bahamas.

Since we can't fix the Haitian economy we have to do the next best thing and that is to plug the 80 mile gap.

Economist says...

It is interesting to note that no one mentions Bahamians failure to keep the Haitians out of The Bahamas.

Perhaps John could enlighten us as to why we Bahamians have not done our job in protecting our land? Perhaps he can explain how it is not the Bahamas Defence Force failure that the Haitians are here.

The Bahamas has, most recently spent $232 million dollars on 8 ships for the Defence Force. Add that to what we have spent over the last 45 years and you are over $1 Billion.

Maybe we should shut the Defence Force down, fire the useless defence force personnel, and us the funds to pay for all the services that the Haitians are costing us in the first place.

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Gatwick, London is a single runway airport and they managed to run over 40 million, that's right, over 40 million passengers through each year.

Just need good radar and Air traffic Controllers who know what they are doing.

This is your opportunity, Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers, to show the world how good you really are.

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The land has not yet been given away and there is no approval for a refinery for out east yet either.
Where is the BAMSI benefit?
What lessons did you learn and say what you would have done with Princess and Our Lucaya?

On EDITORIAL: Steady as she goes

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Economist says...

The DPM is doing an excellent job in trying to bring some sense to the financial chaos of our public finances.

On $1.3bn tax giveaway

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