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There is no reason for delays other than the competence of the Air Traffic Controllers.

There are many single runways airports around the world and they run tens of millions of passenger through each year.

Get some professional Air Traffic Controllers please.

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Mr. Beckles is correct. Business likes certainty and they plan purchases and sales projections based on the current market or on what they know is going to happen. If the Government is going to make changes then they must let business several months in advance.

On 'No more taxation pins and needles'

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But now that the VAT department is involved again that may slow things down. When they were involved a couple of years ago they slowed the whole process down.

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Good points Mr. Symonette.

On Bahamas must ‘do things differently’

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I am pleased to see that finally something is going to get done. The special interest group known as the "Conveyancing Lawyers" have a strangle hold on the conveyancing market and are the reason that land transactions take so long and cost so much.

Registered Land would enable land sales to happen quickly and greatly help move the economy forward.

I hope that Mrs. Smith is successful where others have failed.

Economist says...

The days of the "bush" mechanic are fast coming to a close.

Passing Religious Knowledge in school will not a mechanic make.

BGCSE's at grade "c" and above are required.

Need to have a good knowledge of English Comprehension, Math, and Computer, as a minimum, to be a mechanic in the coming years.

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Those who feel that they should have got the posts will now need to up their game and show everyone how much better they are. Alternatively, they can go into private practice and beat up, if they can, on these new foreign appointees in court.

Competition is healthy, we can't expect to get an appointment just because we are Bahamian.

Look to the UK where their current head of the Bank of England is a Canadian. Just because you are a UK citizen does not mean you get the job.

Welcome to the real world.

On Lawyers angry over DPP’s expat hirings

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Good comment. Agree completely.
These unions are killing our economy.

Economist says...

The Bahamas has a bad reputation when it comes to labour relations and the union is making it worse.
One of the reasons Syntex pulled out of Freeport was labour.

Some of the unemployment in The Bahamas is directly attributable to the labour unions.

This bad reputation is another reason we have not been able to attract much FDI in the last 20 years or so.

Economist says...

Bahamasair thirst for money will soon require another increase in VAT. Another $22 million for the Min of Education would be a good idea, but $22 million for Bahamasair...crazy waste of money.