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**" Mr Smith voiced disappointment that just on person from Grand Bahama - local Chamber of Commerce president, Greg Laroda, was included on it."**

Good reason by government as he won't say boo and he certainly won't rock the boat. Don't have to worry about any creative thinking from him.

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Be bad to cancel the trip because we are not testing and has no idea who has from who doesn't.
Besides, he does not have a choice as the minister of health.
He is no leader.

On Minnis tests negative for COVID-19

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Agreed Tal, the government has no idea of who is asymptomatic and therefore infecting people, nor have they tested people who are positive before they show symptoms.
We all know that other countries were able to slow the spread by testing and isolating people who were contagious early on.

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The US has done ten times on a per capita basis. Bermuda and Cayman have done 20 and 15 times respectively as many tests as we have.
We in bad shape.
Why did we fail to take Cayman up on their offer to sell us 45,000 tests at cost?
Incompetence, plain incompetence.

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Good point Mr. Director. The law needs to be amended.

Economist says...

Government knew they had cases here. Bimini has a small population so it would have been easy to do mass testing and quarentine persons to prevent the spred.

All the COVID 19 cases, after the first one, are because the government has failed to test and protect Bahamains.

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"When asked by The Tribune whether testing is being done and whether the new case had any link to any of the prior cases, Mr Thompson said he would leave the latter to health professionals to address."

You are the Misister of Grand Bahama and you don't know if we are testing?

So you don't care to find out in the best interests of the health of Grand Bahamians?

Maybe we should find a Minister who cares about Grand Bahamains.

Economist says...

So a few days ago the Tribue reported how the Cayman Islands had obtained 200,000 test kits form South Korea and that they were keeping 100,000 for themselves and had shipped 35,000 to Bermuda, 20,000 to Barbados and had a further 45,000 available to sell "at cost".

No we are told how hard it is to get tests and need to grovel to get them.

Something smells.

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"Once again, this is a waste of the precious testing kits."
It is not a waste, don't you see that is exactly what everyone else in the world is doing? You need to watch the international news coverage and educate yourself on this.

Also, the kits are only precious because The Bahamas has not taken the offer of Cayman to buy up to 45,000 kits at cost.

"Otherwise people should know if they're sick to stay home and quarantine themselves."
People can be sick and not know it for the first 2 to 3 days and go around infecting several more before thye feel sick. Only testing will find that. That is why the rest of the world is testing in an effort to stop the spred.

On Extra COVID-19 testing in Bimini

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Economist says...

***"The approval issued was for the delivery of the cargo only. The whole world is aggressively competing for test kits – they are very hard to obtain. As Minister of Health, I thought this was a matter of urgency."***

So what happened to the 45,000 that the Cayman Islands were offering at cost??????

We let you flaunt our Emergency COVID 19 orders for 2,500???

Something definetly smells very bad.