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Economist says...

Thank you Dr. Bethel. Finally someone has set out the facts.

You are correct about the contact tracing. I am well aware of many persons who gave contact information only to find the persons were never contacted.

Whoever told Minnis that we had an 87% and 80% rate of contact traceing is trying to make him feel good and look like a fool before the Bahamain people.

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That's the best suggestion yet.

Economist says...

If his daughtre was concerned she could easily speak with the Bahamaian doctors and nurses to ennsure he was getting the proper care.

No need for Brave to go to the US unless he genuinely felt that the Bahamians treating him were inferior to those in the US.

On Davis flies to States for COVID treatment

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Economist says...

Joan Sawyer is the same person who was ranting about the last Constitutional Referendum.

If she is so sure of herself why doesn't she "put her money where her mouth is" and take the government to court, right away.

She is just a gassy bag of wind. Losts of noise and no action.

Come on Ms. Sawyer, since you know it all, prove it and go to court.

On Dame Joan - rights are being broken

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Economist says...

Great statement. How true.

Economist says...

This is not suprising when you consider that the government offices are very slack about hand sanitizer and they do not inforce the proper wearing of masks by their staff. Having it around the neck or below the chin alows the virus to spread.

This means that government and its rule breaking civil servants are a breading ground for the spread of COVID 19. Hence the high numbers.

About 1 in 3 or 4 working in New Providence work for government so expect worse to come.

On 133 new COVID-19 cases reported on Saturday

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Economist says...

The level of incompetence never ceases to amaze.

If the health workers have all the PPE, as the PM says they do, then why are they all being exposed????

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We have a country with one leader who is performing poorly and another who, if in power, would be even worse.

We are truely caught between "the devil and the deep blue sea."

Economist says...

The govermnents response continues to be totally inadiquate.

Their testing and tracing is a joke. Often persons, who's names have beeen given to te Ministry of Health are never contacted. Pathetic.

Economist says...

"Some of us excelled with our respective universities only to return to have a non-Bahamian instruct us what we are worth. What is worse is that they're often with a lower aptitude, yet folks like you spew this nonsense of where we all sit in the intellectual food chain."

I am tired of all the whining.

Then start your own business and hire Bahamains. If you are as good as you say, you should be able to compete. Besides with the ability to work in such a field you could sell your services overseas as well. as you say "There are a lot of brilliant Bahamians out there who can compete with anyone else in the world." DO IT