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Thank you for your comments, they are a very valuable addition to these blogs.

I agree with much of what you say but must disagree about our education.

Countries like the UK have a high nationwide percentage of students who have a grade 'C' or above in at least 5 meaningful (i.e Religious Knowledge does not count) GCSE subjects. We don't even come close

I agree about the salaries and our local attitude that you don't pay a young person what they are worth. You need foreign investment to cause that and we are doing our best not to have any foreigners come in and compete with us.

Look at Cayman where they are having more luck in retaining their youth. But, they have also got a lot of foreign investment and a very low unemployment. Got to ask if the two don't go hand in hand.

Thank you for speaking out. We need more of our young to do so.

Did you attend a private school or a public school?

On ‘Stop beating up on private sector’

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No surprise here, the Civil Service is packed with incompetents, hired for their political connections and loyalty rather than their ability. They are not capable of creative thinking or even working efficiently, they weren't hired for that. They are there to sit at a desk and collect a pay check.

On 'Business as usual' hurt poverty battle

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As a society, we’ve done miserably in placing fear in the minds of criminals. Most hardened criminals in our country are not afraid of the police and believe they could beat the court system,” Bishop Hall said.

“…We must match this culture of death with a national approach where the fear of crime by the public will be outdistanced by the fear to commit crime by criminals...We need to send a strong message that if you do the crime, you will do the time.”

Talk about playing the blame game. Crime is a result of society. Criminals everywhere in the world never think that they will get caught. You can hang, electrocute etc. it makes no difference. Read all the studies.

It is a matter of fixing society. Yes, that is something that the church should be taking the lead in. The churches should be spending the collections on the community instead of buying fancy cars, big houses and first class tickets so that the Rev can live in the lap of luxury while members of the community suffer leading some to crime.

On Man shot dead in year’s 96th murder

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Thank you Sir Franklyn, we do need to support the Minister of Finance and resist the spending.

It may not be popular as we always want a no pain solution. I remember the December 1991 Budget and how unpopular the then Minister was.

On Most Bahamians to miss growth benefits

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Raising a nation is not the responsibility of the Business sector.

We need to stop making excuses for our substandard dumbed down education system.

To many of us have children and leave it up to the state to raise them. We need to point the finger at our culture and change it.

The rest of the world has passed us down and we are heading to "Haiti" status.

On ‘Stop beating up on private sector’

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It is always "this is how we do it in The Bahamas". We don't like foreigners telling us what to do and we don't do anything because doing nothing is how we do things in The Bahamas.

It is time we grew up and let some professional and business enterprising foreigners in.

Economist says...

"Competent, un-conflicted, intelligent Bahamians"

Difficult to find these days. Most have left the country, having been chased out by the majority of narrow minded biggotes that make up most of the remaining population.

On MP Vaughn Miller quits FNM

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The longer we delay the harder it will be to negotiate and the more concessions we will be required to make.

In the meantime, countries like France can black list our financial services without us being able to properly defend our selves. No WTO protection or level playing field for The Bahamas.

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***The bill stresses that the findings of air accident investigators cannot be used in criminal proceedings. The role of air accident investigators is to ascertain the facts, not ascribe blame.

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin and PLP leader Philip “Brave” Davis expressed concern about this, however, saying it may fly in the face of the emerging jurisprudence on the matter.***

Glenys Hanna Martin was the minister for aviation she should know that the same applies to investigation around the world. Then again she was a worthless minister

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