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Emac says...

@Malcolm60-Please stop this mambo jumbo bullshit. You say, "First, to begin with, you lot Bahamians refuse to acknowledge the fact that you are in the Caribbean or West Indies".

First of all the Bahamas is NOT a part of the Caribbean or West Indies, at least not geographically. Culturally yes. But what does that have to do with us speaking out against illegal Haitians who invade our shores by the hundreds each year, having scores of children that they cannot afford and turn around and the demand that these children have access to free schooling, medical care and citizenship. Further, hey build these makeshift shacks all over the place, endangering the lives of other residents who are struggling financially just to live in safe, hazard free environment. Then on top of these, they cry foul when the government tells them that they have to remove these shacks-To add insult to injury, they insist that it is the government's responsibility to find replacement housing for them, while the average Bahamian have to struggle to meet mortgage payments along with other bills. These are the same people who send back millions of dollars each year to Haiti!

You people really take Bahamian people for asses! So Malcolm, take your sob story and get real. Oh and you too can CYBC!

Emac says...

Please stop! No one is a criminal until he/she is found guilty in a court of law. Our desperation for a decrease in crime must not get us riled up so emotionally that we begin to support vigilante justice, or law enforcement officers targeting young black males, just because they look like criminals or is "well known" by the police. we all know that the majority of police officers are rogue untrained males who are also the product of our broken society. So let's stop pretending.

The government needs to get its act together in regards to the justice system and reaching out to impressionable youth in our society, by creating programs that help to counteract the lack of good parenting that is so rampant in our Bahamas.

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Emac says...

The only time I hear these politicians say anything even remotely positve about Bahamians is during election season. After that, they put all of their energies into investing in foreigners! Bahamians are looked upon as soft and easy to run over by both politicians and the Haitian community. This is exactly why we are this mess. Nothing will happen without an uprising. While I am not trying to promote violence, it seems that only when something radical happens is when people who should be looking out for Bahamians tend to listen.

Oh, and **Aegeaon** CYBC!

Emac says...

Well said!

Emac says...

My goodness, you people are a pessimistic bunch! My God! At least this government is trying to implement procedures to put some safe guards in place in regards to fiscal responsibility. Assembling an independent body is the way to go. Sure we can say people who are elected are those who are pro government. But what could you do when you live in a small country??? Bring in foreigners to oversee this committee? Then you would say that the government does not think that Bahamians are qualified? No matter how you put it, our country is just too small for its citizens to be totally unbiased in their public duties. If ya ask me, countries like the Bahamas should never have become independent in the first place. It has gotten us nowhere!

Emac says...

I with you on this one. If I respond they'll say I am being insensitive.

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Emac says...

Wow! What a horrifying story. That's why I never go swimming in certain areas around Nassau. But thank goodness no lives were lost.

Emac says...

***"However, he was still unable to say how many Bahamian workers there are to foreign labourers on the project, telling The Tribune yesterday he was awaiting the completion of a report from the census."***

Translation-"According to the report, CCA is definitely in breach of the Heads of Agreement. So Let me call the people there so we can agree on a way to resolve this matter without public outrage or without the Bahamian people being made fully aware of what is really going on"

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Emac says...

tings dat make ya go mmmmm

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