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OldFort2012 says...

This guy is totally right. Absolutely 100% spot on.

The government has only 2 real choices of paths:
1. Abolish the B$ and adopt the US$ as currency.
2. Float freely the B$ without any exchange controls of any kind.

The second is far more painful but ultimately more rewarding. The first is less painful but leads to worse economic results in the end.

But both are better than the status quo, which ensures that we will not be able to compete and that we will crash and burn.

OldFort2012 says...

Ah. Well, that explains why it crashed. They forgot to strap the other engine on.

In all seriousness: if the mechanical inspections and certification for airplanes is similar to the one for cars (I mean in practice, not on paper), then it is a miracle a single plane ever makes it to destination.
And since we all know that only about 50% of drivers have a "real" driving licence, let us hope the situation is not the same with pilots.

OldFort2012 says...

...but...but...but...think of the poor Dreamers.

I always laugh like mad when trying to reconcile people's attitude to Trump policies and the ones they want instituted in their own country. For some reason it is OK for the Bahamas to have absolutely fascist policies, but God forbid if the USA does not let in anyone who can swim.

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OldFort2012 says...

Ask any Haitian what he thinks of his own country and you will get far worse language than Trump used.

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OldFort2012 says...

There are some matters the government should interfere with (for the common good) and some others where it should not and let the private sector do the job.

Hurricane insurance is precisely a matter where the government SHOULD get involved. It is the height of stupidity to let undercapitalized "joke" local insurance companies sell insurance and then immediately buy reinsurance abroad. What good is that?? Money leaves the country and we only see a percentage of it back over the years.

Why not start a National Hurricane Insurance Fund? The government should charge everyone a small insurance premium, say $200/year. Since there must be about 100,000 households in the Bahamas, that would be $20m per year. All proceeds can be invested in local bonds and lower the deficit interest payments. We are not going to have a major hurricane every year and as a rule only distant islands with few households will be hit. This fund would do very well financially, all money would stay here and we would certainly do better than now, when we have no insurance.

OldFort2012 says...

Considering the poor white trash that comes here, I would be surprised if they had anything but moths in them.

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OldFort2012 says...

I laugh at the very idea of the poor American tourist studying his map, desperately looking for "south of Shirley Street", in order not to go there. 99% of them are so obese they can hardly make it to the cruise terminal gates, let alone the end of Bay Street.

Therefore, they are in no danger whatsoever.

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OldFort2012 says...

Value Added Tax is just the fancy name given to a "I need your money and I need it now" tax.

Is there any value added to a second hand car resale? Obviously not, yet they charge it.

Is there any value added to a transfer from one bank account to another? Obviously not, yet they charge it.

One could go on and on. But there is no point. The point is that this nation is bankrupt and in debt up to its gills. So forget about looking for fairness or logic in the tax system. They need to rob you to prevent all four wheels from coming off. You will get "your" $30m when hell freezes over. Or slightly later.

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OldFort2012 says...

Make it legal to grow.
Make it compulsory to sell all production to 1 licenced company, which will be a PPP.
Licence that company to produce derivatives.
Licence that company to sell derivative products to tourists in shops.
Give every Bahamian a free shareholding in that company once up and running, however minimal, but without right to vote. With right to dividends. Some sort of preferreds.

I would be shocked if that company did not have a turnover of at least $200m with annual profits of $100m.

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OldFort2012 says...

Cannabis is a weed. It will grow anywhere. They grow it even in Russia.

Compete with whom??

There is no international market in weed. It is illegal.

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