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Socrates says...

way too much money put into this for a little village like Nassau. but i too wish them well.

On IMAX future so bright PM's gotta wear shades

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Socrates says...

Campbell needs to watch more Fox. Trump would have replied that he never said it, no matter how many witnesses or what you record on tape.. get smart brothers..

On 'Abortion comments to UN read out of context'

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Socrates says...

gov't always has a 'consultant' at the table when negotiating with the Union, so how could this happen? Why does gov't agree work rules for shift workers as though they are 9 to 5ers? there is a reason they call them shift workers and that in itself suggests their conditions of service will be different from most folks. The level of incompetence and dysfunction on display in everything touched by gov't is so shocking..

On PHA 'outsmarted' over shift change by union

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Socrates says...

i think the question should be can we afford not too.. Business as usual means we continue financing public health care via the Consolidated fund and the debt will continue to rise because gov't revenue is not keeping up, regardless of the reason.

On Bran on NHI: 'We can't take more tax'

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Socrates says...

my concern would be that likely we will not get what we pay for.. but in principle i dont think we can argue about healthcare for those who need it, maybe one day even one of us.

Socrates says...

Price Control on gasoline.. what a joke. Bahamas gov't has NO control over price. What they do is regulate the margin for distributors and retailers. not sure how you reconcile this with a free market but i suppose despite what some think, we are still more socialist than anything else.

Socrates says...

'Nurses in the United States and Canada receive premiums of $5 or more, she pointed out.'

The Unionist just explained the issue and the solution. Issue: want to be paid like nurses in US and Canada.. Solution: Move to one of those countries. I take nothing from qualified people but you're in a developing country, deep in debt. its unrealistic to expect 1st world wages.. Why do you think all those qualified Filipinos are on the move? can't get what they want at home. We're in a global community, so take advantage of it..

On Nurses arrange meeting over new shift system

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Socrates says...

in a country this size, its almost impossible to avoid doing business with someone who is a friend, family, party member, church or lodge brother, constituent etc. no matter where the PO finds itself eventually, there will be an issue i'm sure..

Socrates says...

I can only say F me.. who will compensate those who bought ptoperty that declined in value or married the wrong person and got divorced, etc. where does gov't obligation end?

On DPM confirms $10m payout over CLICO

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Socrates says...

Minnis and FNM have a problem with these four closet PLPs.... he better deal with it because a house divided against itself cannot stand. if this group are so fundamentally opposed to their party, they should cross the floor or become independents but whatever the choice, stop masquerading like FNMs.. The nature of party politics is you support your party and workout conflicts internally..