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ThisIsOurs says...

Actually that's exactly what they said. "It's too soon and it's only been three weeks". They also mention that the exact same thing happened before the 7.5% implementation. I'll put my money on the slump being permanent, prices are outrageous.

One nteresting thing they mention is the same number of transactions but volume is down. So it's not like people have stopped shopping, they're buying less.

This VAT increase is insidious. Food and fuel prices are at the bottom of your pyramid. If they go up, all prices up the chain go up exponentially.

On VAT hike sparks 10% sales slump

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How does any of that qualify Sir Rolsnd. I'm honestly waiting for someone to tell me what he did to positively change the direction of the Bahamas in a profound way. I don't support the victimization, bribery, drug dealing and extortion that ran rampant in the .pindling era, but I can see the case that could be made for a young Pindling, but not alone, he didn't change the country alone. I have yet to see the case for Sir Roland other than he was nice. While he may deserve recognition because he was a prominent figure, that's not grounds for a "hero" designation.

On ‘No hypocrisy’ in UBP hero award

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"*Minnis and his Cabinet have not publicly rationalised its award decisions. The honours advisory committee, headed by Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes, recommended that Sir Lynden Pindling alone be awarded the highest honour for the inaugural year of the awards. Ultimately, Dr Minnis chose to bestow the honour on Sir Milo Butler, Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield and Sir Roland.*"

This tells you everything you need to know about the current administrations "actions". All For Me Baby 2.0. #petty

On ‘No hypocrisy’ in UBP hero award

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"*Moxey yesterday warned against reading too much into such findings as they did not reflect the on-ground experience in the Bahamas.*"

Actually it does reflect the on the ground experience to a T. It takes about an hour to download a movie. The question you could ask is if that's a necessary and complete condition to rate internet speed

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"*Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis intends to seek funding assistance for his administration’s housing initiative for the poor.*"

I thought he just said he didn't want to ask outside agencies for money because we'd end up like Haiti

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ThisIsOurs says...

And "that's" why you think he should be a national hero? Because he was a nice man? You proved my point. The "national hero" is beyond just being generous, it's someone who fundamentally changed the country in a positive way. As I said I don't have a strong opinion either way because i don't know him, I lean to not giving it because I haven't read anything yet that said he deserved it. I actually read this article to find out "why" he should get it and all they told me was Washington had slaves too. Should he be remembered as a part of our history, should people speak up for how nice he was to them despite a colour difference? absolutely, but the title"hero" has deep and profound implications that I haven't seen evidence of "yet". I'm open to hearing it

I grew up with a Mama who was beyond generous, in fact it made me quite angry that she would go so far as to help people I thought were not so kind to her. Do I believe my mother should be a national hero? Of course I do! That's my Mother. But realistically she was a very nice generous woman.

As to shutting up. No. It's a free country. You're free to ask and I'm free not to take your suggestion. Clearly you learned nothing from "Pop".

On Symonette the FNM's Washington

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ThisIsOurs says...

**I read this article in amazement**. And I don't have strong views on the issue one way or the other, though I sm leaning to not giving the honor. I'm just waiting for someone to give a substantive reason why a national honor was deserving

**This article continues this illusion that people should be honored just because they were "there"**. This left me shell shocked, a very long article, equating Symonette to Washington, but not once did they list anything Symonette did other than being "there".

**I expected a listing of some great exploits or some inspirational speeches to the nation at a time of peril, but no, the parallel to Washingtn was that he owned slaves. This is unbelievable**. The bar is set do low in the Bahamas. Much the same way we laud Mother Pratt as the first female DPM. I acknowledge her contribution in sports but I don't believe she did anything to be honored in the position as DPM other than to not have been Brave Davis and zero threat to Perry Christie, that is not something to be honored for.

Being put on the $10 dollar note is not something to be honored for. We really need to separate notoriety from deserving of honor. Just because you are prominent does not mean you are honorable. Should Germany honor Hitler? Iraq Sadam Hussein? In the Bahamas I don't think we understand the difference between spotlight and substance. It's why we can look at the trappings surrounding drug dealers and Sebas and call them "successes".

If the sum total of the contribution is that he was there and he was generous, that's not deserving of a national "hero" honor. We could do the same for Ninety if that's the case. We really need to get past honoring/hiring/giving opportunities to people we "like" if we're to grow as a country

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ThisIsOurs says...

Why didn't the previous address work? what's the difference in cost? What can be done from this address that wasn't possible at the previous address?

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Not necessarily true. People go to South America all the time and there's no place more dangerous than that...well maybe war torn segments of Africa. Of course you never want to win the yes it's dangerous but it doesn't matter argument.

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Fatherhood?.. These people PLP or FNM don't care about you or me. If you have to walk to the pump, catch the bus, wake up midnight to trek to the outdoor toilet, struggling with food prices, they don't care.

It doesn't affect them.We accustomed to that style of living right,? Their job is to figure out how they gonna cut an under the table deal with the next big investor to the country, like Oban, who getting the finder's fee on that? When you put someone everyone know is a crook in charge of the money, there's no question about who you are.

They gave us a VAT increase that overnight hiked prices 25-50% they don't care. Can you imagine overnight every single supplier in the country raised prices? And I'm not talking about the 4% ncrease. People took the opportunity to hike the base price then put VAT on top of it. You hear anything from Minnis Inspector Gadget undercover agents yet? It een hard to find. It's everywhere.

They care about giving jobs to people who will vote for them and that's it. Running a tax subsidized vote buying scam. Now since you think that's *Daddy*, I guess they care about you.

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