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ashley14 says...

My entire life we have been required to have our drivers license on us and proof of insurance. There is also a no open containers. These laws are totally enforced and it's not hard at all. You take your wallet everywhere you go. As far as drinking alcohol they will take you to jail for a mandatory 24 hrs if caught drinking and driving. Plus the attorney costs for you and fines for DUI add up to around 10,000. I'm not exaggerating. That's why we don't have all the nonsense that is ignored in the Bahamas. You have to have rules and for them to be enforced to live in a safe society. Our cops take their jobs seriously. I won't say there aren't any crooked ones, because there are, but it's a minority. I don't have a problem with following the rules. It makes life better for everyone.

ashley14 says...

Disney is a game changer. The economy would explode. You don't even realize how much. All the bull would have to stop. Florida doesn't have a state income tax for residents. Tourist's pay it. Your government would have to step up too. Disney wouldn't play games with them. Great chance for the Bahamian people.

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ashley14 says...

Either no enforcement or police brutality???

On Footage of police assault ‘appalling’

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And we ask why? Unbelievable!

ashley14 says...

Atlanta's highways are backed up with people coming here to get out of danger. All of the coast from the Carolina's up through Virginia is under mandatory evacuations. They turned all of the highways into going West only so people can get out. Atlanta is at this point is a little south of the areas impacted. They're forecasting this to be a major storm. The worst in decades.

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ashley14 says...

The wording of administration beating a student. That isn't corpul punishment, that's abuse. No punishment and abuse both create unhealthy and stable adults. Consistent healthy influence with reasonable punishment and equally praise when deserved. Everyone is different but usually you can teach good behavior with extreme measures. One person can't do it by themselves. There is truth to it takes a village to raise a child. It goes back to family values. Neighbors being there for one another. When we work together it works out for everyone. Kids raising theirselves doesn't work.

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ashley14 says...

The product is good, get away from pushy sales tactics. Even I want go to the straw market.

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Good luck! They have a good educational system. I wouldn't choose China, but it's a chance for a education. As long as they let you take what they want. They don't there citizens. They tell them what kind of work that they will do and where. They tell them where they will live. The government keeps 80% of the people's pay. Communist life.

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We've had police in schools for years. I don't know if it has helped or not. The kids know where they tend to be and they go elsewhere.

On Policing stepped up for pupils’ new term

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Open Memories as well!

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