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bogart says...

Sorry I am being facetious.
I am fed up tired and disgusted at the amounts of crime curruption.
I have been a victim of crime on a number of occasions and I am fed up at the nimber of excuses that are made to protect the wrongdoers.
It is wrong of me to paint all the religeous leaders with the same brush when I say some low life religeous leader for which I truly apoligise.
Really I am tired and fed up at what is going on in our beloved Bahamsland.

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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bogart says...

WHAT !!!

Impossible. Cannot snd will not happen to hav our lil darlings, our countrys future leaders, our Christiian children who go to church every Monday and twice on a Sunday, etc

What for goodness sakes what will some low life religeous leader going to do and not have the chance to go and suk up to some police on letting them go, the MP also will not be able to go round to ths suppprters and try and get their loving sweet child off.

Branville MacCartney pointed all the persons who go and impose themselves to get these persons off. He actually called a spade a spade. He even came up with the unthinkable point to hang murderers in Rawson Square.

Putting these criminals on some Cay will cause such a ruckus and the every human rights activists will show up. Not these sweet lil darlings and murderers who can be involved with 47 murders again....what.?....they can be reformed....they are entitled to another chance...while we pay millions to incarcerate them?.

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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bogart says...

Actually it was one of the founding Fathers of the FNM , Dir Wallace Whitgield who in 1067 created a massive education system building lots of schools to educate Bahamian children and anyone who showed up got an education. Fast forward to 2016 where Sir Wallace Whitfield wife Beverly in her 80s eas brutally beaten up and robbed. We have Cat o nine flogging and hanging as law but none of the 40 MP legislators seem to want to make it work.

Back then these guys were major thinkers not petty shop operators big thoughts like the university of the Americas, polytechnis School in Palmdale etc. Over the years these did not come to fruition as some say the nahionalist fever wanted things to be fully Bahamian..

All things must be taken according to present condiions.
Present educators are going above and beyond. However for decades when the authorities have seen that the grades are low , teachers are leaving, foreign teachers with excellent level of training and education cannot raise the grade levels should have warrented immediate surgegy

National education has a direct impact on the economy in creating qualified employees..

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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bogart says...

Actually on the point that all the men and women were once cute babies as the Mad hatter says is not entirely true. Some babies are ugly but mot to hurt the feelings of those concerned we tend to be nice and say they are cute.

The focus on efucation seems to be the big show about fixing up the schools, crooked contractors and the buildongs by the politicians...both sides. thry need to grow up and realize it is not the school buiildings that need fixing ...its the system, students, parents, illegals, low paid teachers etcetcetc

Really silly that the people can see teachers leaving, shortage of teachers, overcrowded classrooms, etc. Any employer in the private sector will have ulcers seeing their employees leaving, customers fighting, not having enough office supplies and having to have full time plice presemce to frish theor customers etc.

Not only the building need fixing.. Actually many Bahamians have been education under the tree and a google search will show their names and successes. Many Bahamians actually had no further education past the age of 14 years old.

The system is educating two nations childrens. Two values actually many kids are without parents anf for years the govt has deported parents and children are left behind, The system will actually do a darn good job at going over and above to make many do better but at the sacrifice of others. It can be a 1000% imprpvemtent for some students to come from a minus situation and get a D grade.

Bizzare for decades this j
Has been going on.The aithorities need to see past the school buildongs and a coordinated effort involving social services, homeland security, immigration, education etc When thrre is the violence and the taxpayer is funding a govt school system where the per student education cost is more than private school..

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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bogart says...

$300,000,000, three hundred million on the Education budget to educate 60,000 students works out to be some $1,666. Per student per term.

We are not getting value for money especially when compared to the Private School system.

An overhaul of the sustem along with the other government agencies is needed..

On Pupils threaten revenge attacks

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bogart says...

There are existing laws a d ethical standards for govt officials to follow.
It would be trajic if there wasnt laws up to this point to address curruption.

Admirable that PM Minnis govt is cracking down but the punish,ents are too weak. Politicians themselves who follow the news know that persons who are pore black people tiefing a few cans of food sardine, corn beef gets a few years in jail. Such unequal justice is glaring.

On New rulebook to beat corruption

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bogart says...

47 murderers were also involved with another murder.
Simple execution following Caesars law would have saved 47 lives.
It is questioned by some MP that if your views before election is not to hang then it should be stated before.
The head of a church did give a speech at an annual church gathering on Forgiveness.
Everybody all kerpunkled up but plane common sense is if you executed murderers then it is absolutely guarranteed that dey aint coming back to murder again.
Poliyicians are very smart educayed at the best foreign schools and logical people and can see this lawful practical aspect the majoroty of thr people in carrying out this job.

bogart says...

Wasnt some politicians talking about giving the same exemption benefits to depressed areas of Nauuau or over the Hilldepressed areas just as Bay st areas was getting.?
Only this time the word surgical is being used.
As for fast rrack this is nothing new. Just need to have some connection to someone without integrity or ethical standards and its fast tracked. Tipping I believe means to insure prompt servive also.
As for ease of doing business you still have to deal with the bank and lawyers who will actually tell you that iit is a conflict to go up against a bank.(they are on a bank approved list and cannot sue the bank )Try going to the Central Bank and they will tell you they cannot intervene. SAME Politicians usually appoint the Directors and Govenor.

As for training Bahamian employees well that too is not new and as and Bahamian banker will tell you it is the Bahamian banker who has to train foreign staff while getting a lower salary.
Investments to islands are nothing new...and Bahamian birthright land is given to attract .....Bahamians get jobs go for a loan at the bank and profits are ratriated to Barbados or some country who control the local banking indistry and dictate the type of loans and volumes Bahamian loan officers must give to get a pay increase.?....give as much investments but what if the returns build up jobs in other Caribbean countries bad loans and all the are second hand japanese cars in return..walks like a duck...talks like a duck.....
Suggestion build start with a good foundation Go yhrough all depts, investigate, jail time for wrong doers....

On Gov’t unveils ‘fast track’ work permits

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bogart says...

The shipping companies or some 19 Bay st investors ponied up 1 million each to move into the new port with some 40z% ownership amd preference shares with guarranteed 11% interest to have some 25 year monopoly and no other harbour to be built within some 20 miles area and still keeping properties on Bay St but at the same time plans were done for port in Northern Abaco and canal to be dug to recreate previous canal the lumber company filled in some 100 years ago so the fishes can go back to theor habitat.. Really how many fishes around there still remember they used to swim in some canal between little abd big Abacu. Loan for some 65 million was borrowed from the ChineseMind ypu funding for the Arawak port was done by giving interest free loans ftom the Public Treasury to govt employees to buy ordinary non voying shares. Perhaps with this as prescedent BEC employees getting loans is ok.

bogart says...

Webshops have laundered money for how long into a small island economy and now eight families with monopoly for 10 years is not fair to the real estate market and unfair to businesses who have followed the law.
What happens if they went into the Laundry Washing business with all funds they are generating from their already ecpansive businesses.? Or started law firms, or medical businesses or accounting agencies ? Or lobbying firms to lobby politicians ?